AnglerFish Aquatics

New England Swimming

The water safety of kids and the need for lessons is clear.  Please note the safety precautions we’re taking at the pool.  Signup records are maintained for all individuals in the pool area.  We make a serious effort of treating surfaces in between sessions.  We observe mask, distance, water testing, and cleaning guidelines.  For these reasons, please note some changes and operational procedures below. 

Please exercise a little patience with us as we roll this out cautiously and safely. There's going to be a lot of communications involved.  

  • All individuals must wear masks inside at all times. No masks on swimmers in the water.
  • The instructor will wear a face shield.  However, the instructor may remove shield only when more than 6ft away to demonstrate skills for swimmers. 
  • Price increased to $140 per month which breaks down to an average of $35 per lesson.  Screening questions attached (and posted at pool entrances) should be able to be answered on each visit to the pool.  COVID waiver acknowledging voluntary participation and waiving liability is attached and must be on file for each family. 

Parents on the pool deck must be in mask stationed behind their child and responsible for safety of child sitting on the wall while waiting when the instructor rotates between students.  The parent should remain distanced as much as possible from the instructor.  The instructor will be over 6 ft away from each child not under instruction during the course of the lesson.  Parents are on safety duty.     

Level 2-3, 3 kids Max

1 parent permitted inside pool area per child.  Always max distance from pool itself.   Always 6ft from other kids and parents.  Always with mask on.

Level 4-5, 3 kids Max

1 parent permitted with mask, however waiting outside preferred.




How old is your child? Is there any fear or anxiety around the water?  Can they put their face in?  Can they swim any distances unassisted by flotation?  Do they know anything about the 4 strokes?  These questions usually help me to place your child in a level and give you specific lesson time options. 


Level 0: 6months to 2 years.  Parent/Child class.  Focused on fun, building comfort, and basic safety responses. Operates in 4 week sessions separate from the traditional program.  


Level 1: 2 years and up. No parents in the water. ZERO experience required. Building comfort, learning basic movements that will eventually develop into strokes, and introduction to bubbles and holding breath.  Instructors are very hands on.  Weekly attendance expected.


Level 2: Generally 3 and up. Contonuing to build water comfort and water safety, learning basics of Freestyle and Backstroke, working to build up swim distances independant of instructors and flotation.  Weekly attendance expected.    To move to Level 3, swimmers should be able to swin Freestyle and Backstroke from the flags to the wall without any assistance, with reasonable technique and body position.  


Level 3: No age requirement, ability based. Swimming increasing distances and technique of Freestyle and Backstroke, basic introduction of Breaststroke and Butterfly.  To move to Level 4, swimmers should be able to swim full 25yd laps of Freestyle and Backstroke with improved technique.  Face in the water, breathing every 3 in Freestyle.  


Level 4: Ability based.  Building stamina and stroke technique in all 4 strokes.  Introduction to flipturns.  Swimmers Will be swimming full 25yd laps of Freestyle and Backstroke, and working towards full laps of Breaststroke and Butterfly.  


Level 5: Previously a learn to swim level, Level 5 may begin transitioning to a pre-team group.  Ability to swim 25yd laps of all 4 strokes required.