AnglerFish Aquatics

New England Swimming

Practice groups are subject to a range of criteria including age, competition times, maturity, goals, attendance, and technical proficiency.  Coaches are happy to discuss level placement at any time.  Swimmers are encouraged to participate in conversations regarding their requirements to move up.  Advancing groups can happen at any time.  


Pre-Team - 
This is our bridge between the learn to swim program and the swim team.  Required to swim 25 yards of all 4 strokes.  Practices are 45-60 minutes in length. The focus is continuing to refine the technique of all 4 strokes introduced in the learn to swim program and to build endurance. In addition to swim technique, we focus on areas that will be required at higher swim team levels like circle swimming, reading the pace clock, refinement of flip turns and competition legal details.  

Level 1  - 
In this level we continue to build endurance but the primary focus remains on technique.  Required to swim 50 yards of each stroke, and handle practices 1 hour in length.  Practices are 1 hour in length with 6 options per week.  A prerequisite for fast swimming is technique that keeps swimmers injury free.  A foundation of solid technique and good habits sets our swimmers up for success as they build their endurance and start pushing faster.  

Level 2  - 
Our focus in this level is an equal amount of balance between technique and speed.  Required to complete a 100 Freestyle in 1:30. Practices are 90 minutes in length with 6 options per week.  We start to add faster swim sets and harder work in this level.  We begin to incorporate dryland training to build on the base of strength and endurance that we started in the pool.  

Level 3  -
This level starts to focus on race details and training.  Required to complete a 100 Freestyle in 1:15.  Practices are 2 hours in length with 6 options per week.  Weight lifting becomes an option in this level to build strength and body awareness required for the most perfectly executed swimming skills.  While this group continues to build hard work and race training, swimmers are expected to achieve mastery of many of the technical details required to achieve success at and level of championship competition.  Perfect streamlines, solid technique on flip turns and IM transitions, and maintaining solid technique when fatigued are examples of things that are expected to be perfected in this level.  

Level 4  - 
Our highest level practice group is subject to challenging practices and high expectations.  Required to complete a 100 Freestyle in under 1:00.  Practices are 2 hours in length with 7 options per week, including morning options and the expectation of weight training.  Swimmers are expected to have a firm idea of their goals and what they want to accomplish in swimming.  While technique is always a focus, swimmers should understand that the commitment to technique will keep their bodies free from injury as the work load increases.