AnglerFish Aquatics

New England Swimming

Hoodies and Name Caps  

If you missed out on the Fall order for name caps, we'll submit another order as soon as we hit the minimum of 15 individuals looking for 2 caps each.  

Spring Name Cap order will be OPPOSITE COLORS.  Black cap with a white logo on it.  

Name Caps automatically come in Pairs (must order multiples of 2), and are $35 per pair.  If your name is on the list once, you will receive 1 pair.  You may order as many PAIRS as you'd like.  

Several sizes of Hoodies are IMMEDIATELY available.  


Sign up for NAME CAP and hoodie inventory list. (UPDATED FOR 2023-2024) 


Team Caps

$15 Black cap with Purple logo AVAILABLE AT THE POOL

$15 Purple cap with White logo.  These will soon be available at the pool for purchase.  


Team Suits 

See SwimOutlet link below.  Any brand suit in PLAIN BLACK is OK.  The 2022-2023 ARENA "Kikko" print suit in purple at the link below is also OK.  
TECH SUITS: Swimmers can wear any style of tech suit they choose.  


WARMUPS, PARKAS, T-SHIRTS, and BAGS are available at the SWIM OUTLET link below.  



Swim Outlet Team Store Link




Required Equipment by Training Groups:

Pre Team: Kick Board, Pull Buoy and LONG Fins, and Equipment Bag


Anglerfish 3: Kick Board, Pull Buoy and SHORT Fins, small Paddles, Snorkle optional, and Equipment Bag


Anglerfish 4: Kick Board, Pull Buoy, SHORT Fins and MEDIUM paddles, Snorkle, and Equipment Bag



**Every day swimmers MUST have extra water bottles, extra swim suit, extra goggles, extra swim caps, dry lands clothes and sneakers and any necessary medical supplies in their bag.**