MAKO Aquatic Club

Financial Obligations & Considerations




  1. Annual USA Swimming membership
    • $80 Annual Membership
      • All Returning Swimmers and any new swimmers
    • Masters exempt


  1. Annual Administrative Fee $60.00/family for all groups


MAKO Aquatic Club Dues:




Monthly Dues

Pre-Team (Swim Lessons)


Pups Groups


Red Group


Black Group


Senior B Group


Senior A Group


Performance Group







Dues Related Discounts and Surcharges


  • We offer 15% discounts for the second swimmer and 40% off for the third swimmer.  Any swimmer after that is free.  The swimmer in the highest group will be at normal price.


Payment Procedures


All accounts are required to sign up with our auto pay system. Dues are assessed monthly. An Invoice “Preview” will be e-mailed on the 21st of the month and all fees/dues billed must be paid (check or cash) by the last day of the month if you do not wish to have your banking account or credit card electronically debited on the 1st day of the month.

Checks are accepted by dropping payment off at our mailbox in the Rio Rancho Pool lobby next to the vending machines. Under no circumstances will dues be  accepted on deck by coaches.


Checks should be made payable to “MAKO”


Past Due Accounts


Any account that is past due will be billed a $10.00 late fee.


If an account is 60 days past due the account will be suspended and swimmers will not be allowed to participate in the program until the account is cleared.  After 90 days past due and no notification of team departure, the account will be turned in to collections.


Other Expenses:


USA Swimming Registration/ Membership/Insurance


Every athlete must become a member of USA Swimming. This Membership is renewable every year. Included with this registration is secondary medical accident insurance that covers the athlete and club at any sanctioned event or supervised practice.


Meet Fee Expenses


All meet fees are a separate charge on your account and must be paid in full by the due date on your invoice. Meet fees may vary depending on the swim meet. To find out how much a swim meet will cost please read the meet info/fact sheet. The meet info sheet (for each individual swim meet) will be posted on our website in the “Events” section. All meet entry fees are non- refundable after the registration deadline. A $5 club surcharge is added to each meet as it is posted to your account to assist with the cost of staffing.



The team will host fundraising events to help the team make large purchases for team training (headsets, swim chutes, tethers, medicine balls, jump ropes, underwater cameras, ect), coach training, and or travel. Fundraising events also help keep the monthly costs lower for all families.  The fundraising events we have are hosting meets and swim-a-thons. 


When we host meets all parents not on the opt out payment plans are required to help out at the meets.  The positions that need to be filled are timers, marshals, admin desk assistant, officials, computer operator, and more as needed. 


Swim-a-thons are another way we fundraise for the team.  Every swimmer is responsible for their fair share of fundraising.  After that commitment is met, all other funds are to help the swimmer with gear, swag, and or travel.


Team Travel


Athletes participating in team travel are required to have two team shirts, a team backpack, and team sweats. The Booster Club provides team sweats one time as an incentive when the athlete achieves their first “AA” time. This is incentive starts March 1st, 2021.  After that is the responsibility of the member to maintain the necessary equipment required for team travel.


Inactivation/Reactivation of Account or Member


An inactivation notice must be received prior to the 15th of the month in which you wish to become inactive. Families are responsible for all dues that are assessed prior to receipt of notice.


To reactivate your account, please e-mail Coach Jeremiah and your account will be reactivated. If a swimmer goes inactive and then reactivates within the same swim year, the account will be assessed a $25.00 reactivation fee.


There are no refunds or credits for swimmers unless for the following criteria is met.

  1. Swimmer moves from current address to a residence more than 20 miles from our practice facilities.
  2. Swimmer becomes ill or injured to the extent that the swimmer will be unable to swim for at least 4 consecutive weeks, with medical documentation.