How to Join 


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To Join Rio Grande Masters Swim Club Please click here to go straight to the Online Registration

Thank You for your interest in joining MAKO Aquatic Club. We are a Year Round USA Swimming Sanctioned Swim Club that is operated through in Rio Rancho.  We provide many programs within the club. In the Summer, we run a Summer League and Swim Lessons. Through the year we currently have a level 3 and 4 lessons, Novice, Developmental, Advanced, Prep, and Senior Level Groups along with a Masters (Adult) programs. To better understand how we can serve you please follow the instructions below:

1. Click a link below to schedule a Swim Assessment with us to help us figure out which group will best fit your swimmer. From there, we can let you know the practice times and prices.

Rio Rancho Pool -

Los Altos Pool -

Kirtland Pool -

Email or Text between 9:00am - 1:00pm Monday - Friday at 505-463-9339 or [email protected] if you have any questions or concerns.


2. Attend your scheduled Assessment. The Staff Member will complete the assessment paperwork and they will recommend the group to join.

3. Review the Financial Considerations on the webpage.

4. Complete the Online Registration For Swim Team or Online Registration for Pre-Team (lessons)

            - Do not log in to your account before completing registration, if you already have an account.

            - Open a New Window (right click) when clicking links on the permissions and waivers page.

5. Complete the Online Registration For USA Swimming

             -Step 1 - Create your own account first.  NOT YOUR SWIMMERS ACCOUNT.  

             -Step 2 - add a family member by entering their swimmer ID.  If you do not have an ID and have never had an ID please create an                             account for your swimmer.  If you have had an ID before, please email Coach Jeremiah to get it.  There is a link to help guid you                       through that below.  When selecting the membership type, please only choose premium.  

              - Here are some helpful tips

                     - How to create parent account

                     - How to register a new swimmer

                     - How to create account if already an existing member

                     - How to add my swimmer as a family member


6. Initiate a team transfer if coming from another USA team (for example LOBO). If you are not transfering then skip this step.

  • Select "view" next to your swimmer's name,
  • Then click on club transfer.  If the club showing is not MAKO, you will need to select the drop down arrow next to the former team
  • Then click initiate transfer
  • Scroll down to search for our club, type in NM/MAKO
  • Then type in your first name/last name below
  • Lastly click on submit transfer.  

7. Attend your first practice (Practice Schedules). Meet the coach and participate.

8. Read the New Parent Handbook.

9. Check out some of the Tutorials on how to Edit your Account; Sign Up for Swim Meets/Events; and other things that you can do on our website and App (OnDeck) from your account.