Our members (aged 18 & Up) are provided with the opportunity to enjoy the sport of swimming through workouts aimed at gaining physical fitness, relieving stress, improving technique and/ or improving competition times.

We swim 3 workouts a week.  Mon Wed Fri we swim from 6:00 - 7:00 am and on Saturday, please contact your coach as this time slot may vary

Our Masters coaches are Aspen Poole and Jeremiah Stanton.  They have extensive knowledge of all aspects of swimming from stroke technique to race strategy to open water swimming.

We have 2 locations for our Masters Club, Rio Grande Swim Club.  One in El Paso and 1 in Rio Rancho.  Our Rio Rancho location is associated with MAKO Aquatics Club.



How to get signed up?

  1. US Masters Membership
  2. Sign up for MAKO - $40 per month
  3. Discounts

1.  All our Masters swimmers must be a member of US Masters swimming.  This is a yearly fee that is renewed before Dec 31 of every year.  It is not a requirement that you are registered under the umbrella of the MAKO Masters Team, but you need to be a member of US Masters to be able to participate in a workout.  

Click here to begin registering with USMS https://www.usms.org/join-usms/join-or-renew   Our Club Code is: Rio Grande Swim Club (RGSC).   Our Workout Group is RGSC Rio Rancho.

2. The second thing that you have to do is be registered as a MAKO Swimmer.  This is easy.  Go to SWIMMAKO.COM and click on register here.  When registering make sure you register for Masters to avoid paying registration fees.  Once Coach Jeremiah receives all forms your online application will be approved and you will have an account creation email sent to the email you provided.

3. We do offer a $10 discount per month for Masters with swimmers on our USA Swimming Program.  To receive this discount make sure you let your coach know you have a swimmer on the MAKO USA Swim Team.

Do I have to compete? 

No, it is not a requirement that you compete.  Some of our members travel to Masters swim meets and some only want the camaraderie of a group swim environment.  We do have a huge percentage of our swimmers that practice and sometimes compete open water.

Do I have to be fast? 

Nope.  We have intervals for everyone.

Do I have to swim multiple strokes?

No.  We write workouts that are sometimes IM (Individual Medley) or Stroke specific, but we are happy to modify if it is necessary.  With that said, we will encourage and teach all 4 strokes.  Swimmers that can swim all 4 strokes usually get more out of their workouts and our goal as a Masters swim team is to help develop our athletes.

What if I’m a triathlete or open water swimmer and I want to focus only on freestyle?

If that is what you want, that is ok.  Our coaches are well versed in Triathlon training swimming.  The fastest Coach Jeremiah ever swam open water/ triathalons was when he was training using all 4 strokes.

A little bit of open water trivia:

Haley Anderson, the 2012 10k open water Olympic Silver Medalist swam for USC as a distance swimmer and trained using all 4 strokes.

What if I’m training for something specific?  Can you help me with my training plan?

We would be happy to.  It’s more fun when we have goals.  The group will rally around what individuals are trying to accomplish and create a very strong training group.  Things like this mix it up and everybody likes the variety.