PST Mission and Vision Statements


Our Mission:

PST promotes a team environment which champions safe and healthy athletes and individual excellence. 


Our Vision:

Piedmont Swim Team's vision is to be the premier swim team in the East Bay. In an environment that is respectful, supportive, collaborative and professional, we inspire and shape safe and healthy swimmers to have strong characters and skills through high quality coaching, senior swimmer leadership, hard work, discipline, challenging workouts and fun activities in and out of the pool. We support and assist our swimmers in the pursuit of college-level swimming. When our athletes leave PST, they have the character and skills to accomplish their goals, whatever they may be. 

Coaches are chosen from the top of their profession and strive to be leaders within our region of USA swimming. They inspire and embody the team culture. 

We value not only our athletes and coaches, but our families and community. Under the leadership of the parent-lead board, families are actively and collaboratively engaged in the support, development, growth and organization of the team. We create an environment where the community is supportive, coaches want to work, and swimmers want to swim.

PST is committed to providing a safe environment for all participants. To do so we have athlete protection policies and guidelines in place.


Piedmont Swim Team is a non-profit entity

Our Federal Tax ID number is 94-2397551
Our Mailing Address:
         PO Box 20006
         Oakland, CA  94620