Leaving PST

To members leaving PST,

We are unable to refund or credit any dues. PST is a full year commitment as far as finances go. Every year during the registration process, parent(s) are asked to ‘check’ that you have read and agreed to our RELEASE AND WAIVER OF LIABILITY;  FINANCIAL AGREEMENT, of which the relevant portion states:

“Regardless of the dues payment option selected, participants/guardians are obligated to pay the full annual dues. Voluntary or involuntary withdrawal from Piedmont Swim Team during the swim year will not dismiss participant’s obligation to pay the full annual dues in the amount of time selected. There are no refunds of any amounts.”

If you prefer to keep your account active in the system, your swimmer can continue to participate in all team activities as much or little as they prefer through the end of the swim season (end of July). You will also need to meet general work hours requirement. If you prefer to inactivate your account, please let the Treasurer know and once your account is current (ie all financial obligations have been met), we will inactivate your swimmer, any unworked hours will be waived and you will no longer receive any PST related news. 

Please reach out to the Board of Directors with any queries.