The deadline is coming for Compliance Forms and Rosters

For the 2024 season, all Midlakes registration information  must be RECEIVED no later than Saturday, June 1st.

The Midlakes  Annual Club Registration/Club Compliance Form must to be completed and sent to the League with each of the following:

  • Annual swimmer fee check ($15 x number of swimmers per team).  This is the new rate that was approved at the Midlakes Fall Meeting in October, 2023.
  • The most up-to-date team rosters.  For 2024, we are asking for this information in one of two formats:
    1. If you use Swimmingly, please provide the roster in a PDF format.
    2. If you use Team Manager database, send the PDF format from your coaches.
    3. Team Manager export file.
      • From Team Manager > File > Export > Athletes - Athletes/Teams
  • You must verify that the League has a current copy of your Club's ByLaws or CC&R's on file. All participants in Midlakes competitions MUST BE legally-certifiable members of your club as defined by your ByLaws or CC&R's. (Contact the  League Communication Director if you are not sure).

You have the option to email scanned documents to the League Bookkeeper, Nancy Anderson, or mail through the post office to our NEW address at:

Midlakes Swim League

500 Farmhouse Way

Cle Elum, WA 98922

You are responsible for forwarding additional fees after June 1st if you register swimmers after that date.  Please include an updated roster with the additional fees.  All additional new swimmers must be accounted for prior to participation in their first meet of the season by contacting the League Bookkeeper by 5pm the day of the meet.