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Water Polo Representatives

Pre-season Checklist

Coaches Contact Information

  • There are safety requirements coaches need to complete prior to the season starting. We want to get that information to them as soon as possible.

Market Water Polo

  • Check with your swim team coaches/director to see if an announcement can be made to join water polo at a practice and/or swim meet. Swim team is a great way to recruit new players. This week is the last week before champs, so a good time to do it. If you have a swim meet, this is a great way to market to parents.
  • Work with your club director regarding water polo season information. If your club hasn’t sent out any information, please let us know and we will re-forward a flyer created.

Pre-season meeting (July 25, 7pm)

  • Save the date! A pre-season meeting (parent reps and coaches) will be held via zoom on July 25 at 7pm. Please plan to attend as we will be finalizing team combinations for the season. If you are unable to attend, please arrange for someone from your club to attend.

Rosters (need by July 24)

  • Provide estimated team numbers by age group (10U, 12U, 14U and 15+) by noon on July 24.
    • This is for insurance purposes and to determine which age groups and clubs may need to combine to form teams for games. We know that this will not be the final count and additional players may join after this date.
    • Please note: a player’s age group is determined based on their age as of June 15. Players are also allowed to play up an age group so you may have players that could participate in multiple age groups. This is helpful if you need some extra subs for a team and/or cover when players are on vacation.
  • Provide roster information to google drive folder by Wednesday, July 27.  
    • We will be creating a google drive folder where you can upload this information. The information that will be needed for each player is
      • first and last name
      • date of birth
      • age (as of June 15)
      • gender, and
      • Swim team participant (this is for insurance purposes)

Hold Harmless/Concussion Forms

  • Work with club to confirm that each player has a completed Hold Harmless and Concussion Form on file. These forms can be found on the Midlakes Swim League website. Please note that if a player completed these forms for swim team, they do not need to complete for water polo.

Game schedule

  • Send game schedule to parents
  • The schedule of games will not be set until after the meeting on July 25 so we know what clubs need to combine to form teams. We know parents will be asking and we will complete the schedule as soon as we possibly can after the meeting. We are still confirming pool space but have confirmed the following that you can inform parents:
    • 10U: Games on Fridays at Samena
    • 12U: Games on Thursdays at Newport Hills and Phantom Lake
    • 14U: Location TBD
    • 15+: Games at Mercerwood Shoreclub
  • Games will begin at 8am and be finished by noon on game days. Depending on the number of teams, pool availability, each team will typically play 2 games on game days.

Games – clock and scorebook

  • Notify and recruit parents by age group to run the clock and/or keep the scorebook at games.
  • Each team should provide a parent(s) by age group to run the clock and/or keep the scorebook for games. We will be providing instructions on this (via video) and will do our best to have people available the first week of games to provide training. We know that many people feel intimidated by this, but it really takes a short while to learn.

“Spirit” Days

  • If your club does any type of “spirit” days (ex: donut day, popsicles), coordinate with your coaches/club to get these scheduled and recruit parents to help.

We know that many of you are new to being a water polo rep for your club and it can be overwhelming. Please reach out to us at any time with questions or help.

We are looking forward to a fun water polo season!

Ali Goldsmith and Janelle Honeycutt