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Head Coaches can be found with links to emails on the Club Info page.  If you are a new HEAD coach and do not appear on the Club Info page, have your Parent Rep contact the Communication Director.  

2024 Coaches Reps:      Divisions 1 & 2:  Laura Halter
                                      Divisions 3, 4 & 5:  Carrie Nordberg

  • Rule updates and information can be found under the Officials tab of this site.


2024 Coaches Meeting

DATE: Wednesday, May 22nd

TIME:  7:00pm

LOCATION:  Edgebrook

This meeting is for all Head Coaches and is mandatory.  If the Head Coach cannot attend they must send an official designee of the club.  There will be a fine of $150.00 to each club that does not attend.


Make sure your certifications are up to date and you have provided your Club's Parent Rep with copies.


Proof of coaches certifications in First Aid, CPR, Coaches' Safety Training, and SafeSport Training must be submitted before the first practice. 

  • Note: Lifeguard-certified coaches do NOT need to complete the separate First Aid, CPR, or Coaches' Safety Training, but must complete the SafeSport Training

At all times when swimmers are in the water, a Lifeguard-certified coach or Lifeguard must be on duty. Coaches may not be the Lifeguard-certified coach on-deck, unless certified separately. Another Lifeguard-certified coach or Lifeguard must be on-deck.

Coaches not certified as Lifeguards should complete the Safety Training for Swim Coaches online course.



For SafeSport, Coaches should take the SafeSport-Trained online course.

  • If you have already taken this training, you will need to review all information.  The site will not let you take the test again, however you can use the “menu” button on the left side of the webpage that shows your certificate and review each section. Then, submit your certificate (it will show the date of the year you originally completed it), along with a statement that you have reviewed all material again to your Club Representative.


Failure to provide proof of certification will result in exclusion of the club from Midlakes insurance benefits, forfeiture of the meet(s) and a $250.00 fine.