2024 Board of Governors     
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   League Officers - League Officers make up the Executive Committee
   President (Interim) Gary Kamikawa High Woodlands
   Vice President Tracy McDonald Fairwood
   Secretary Alyson Francis Plateau Club
   Treasurer Van Brink Triangle
   Board Members  - Board Members + League Officers constitutes the Board of Governors
   Past President Vacant  
   Awards & Records Ashley Mallinson Overlake
   Officials Administrator James Weinrod  
   Coaches Rep - Div 1&2 Laura Halter Edgebrook
   Coaches Rep - Div 3, 4, 5 Carrie Nordberg Woodridge
   Water Polo Rep Eman Ghoreyshi Triangle
   Diving Co-Chair Pauline Fletcher Phantom Lake
   Diving Co-Chair Kristen McSherry Newport Hills
   Division I Rep Anjana Pandey Mercer Island CC
   Division II Rep Tanya Mertel Seattle Tennis Club
   Division III Rep Jessica Howe Maple Hils
   Division IV Rep Marcy McCorrston Newport Hills
   Division V Rep Keri Carlson Snoqualmie Ridge
   Ad hoc Board Members Non-voting members  
   Merchandise Coordinator Cherrele Bertch  
   League Support    League Support/non-voting  
    Bookkeeper   Nancy Anderson  
    Communication Director        [email protected]