SwimRVA Rapids Meets and Events

The SwimRVA Rapids have swim meets scheduled throughout each season as well as super awesome team functions.  All meets and team functions are encouraged for each swimmer and member family but are not required.  We hope you will take advantage of all the opportunities the team has for you and your swimmer!

The Rapids are members of USA Swimming as well as the RVA Community League.  This is a powerful combination as it provides competitive experiences for the involvement level of every team  member.   

USA Swimming Meets

USA Swimming meets are scheduled for each season (Short Course = September-March, Long Course = April-August).  

Please click on SwimRVA Rapids Meet Schedule in the drop down for the 2021-22 Short Couse season meet schedule.

Please know that we will do our best to make the schedule family friendly by offering many local Greater Richmond area racing opportunities while also giving our athletes the chance to enjoy the thrills of a travel meet or two throughout the season.

The fees for these meets include a surcharge (usually around $1-$3 per swimmer) that goes back to the meet host, a splash fee ($4-$8 per event that each child swims), and a $10 fee that goes back to SwimRVA to cover meet expenses for coaches, relays and administration.  We are excited to ensure a great meet experience for the team and thank you for understanding the importance!

RVA Community League Meets

The RVA Community league is a small group of programs that are like minded in providing a stress free, super fun, short, family friendly swim meet experience!  The Community League's mission is to provide a a super easy first meet experience for the swimmer and the family.  These meets have fantastic heat winner prizes and lots of spirit.  Each contest lasts only 2 hours!  There are six meets throughout the year and always take place on Fridays with at SwimRVA (4) or Burkwood Swim and Racquet Club (2).  The meets begin at 6:30PM and always end by 8:30PM.  PERFECT! 

Please click on the RVA Community League Meets dropdown for the 2021-22 schedule.

 SwimRVA Rapids Team and Social Events

The SwimRVA Rapids will have team functions throughout the year.  They are designed for fellowship among team members and families.  Team functions are not required.  We hope each family will try to make a few of them to enrich the experience of being a part of the RAPIDS.  The first team gathering is our annual SwimRVA Rapids RAFTING TRIP!!!!  The SwimRVA Rapids celebrate Richmond and our beloved James River.  What better way to start each season than rafting down the James and picknicking on Brown's Island.  Go RAPIDS!   

Please click on the SwimRVA Rapids Team Functions link in the drop down for the 2021-22 Season Team Functions.