WE WANT YOU! To become a USA Swimming Official!

Tired of sitting in the bleachers?  Tired of timing?  Consider volunteering as a meet official.

If you like the action around the pool deck, becoming a clerk of course, stroke & turn official, started, or referee may be for you.  For those with a knack towards numbers or computers, a variety of positions are available including timing equipment operator, timing judge and recorder.  Announcers and marshals are increasingly being used at our meets and are important to the smooth and safe conduct of a swim meet.  

USA Swimming Officials Training Course

Date:  March 22, 2020

Time:  3:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Location:  SwimRVA

Address:  5050 Ridgedale Parkway, Richmond, VA 23234

Contact:  Jeannie Kennedy

Email:  [email protected]


Top Ten Reasons to Become a Swim Official

1.  Best seat in the house

2.  Free Food

3.  Contemporary uniforms

4.  Wet socks and shoes

5.  No one will ask you to leave the deck

6.  You get to ring the bell if you become a starter

7.  You'll have an excuse not to be a timer

8.  No scrounging for a seat in the stands

9.  You are easy to locate when your children need money

10.  We need your help!