These postings are specifically designed to help you in multiple areas of your life that include physical and mental strength, as well as how to have a healthy balance in life that allows you to improve in all facets beyond just getting in good exercise. 

College Recruiting Talk

Please take a moment to check out the College Talk with your SwimRVA Rapids coaches along with the PowerPoint presentation: SwimRVA Rapids College Talk 2020 PPT

SwimRVA's Got Talent Competition ROUND 2

We are THRILLED to announce an ongoing talent competition for the Rapids swimmers and families.  We know you have skills to show off and we want to see them.  You probably have greatness residing inside of you that you never knew about!  This is your time to discover that talent and announce it to the world!    Every two weeks, we will announce various categories and will be accepting your submissions via Google Form on the Virtual Training Center.  At the end of those two weeks, we will announce the winners and honorable mentions of each category by posting their video/picture submissions before announcing the next set of categories!  It's going to be a blast!!   

  • CLICK HERE for Round 2 (of 3) Categories and get started on your submissions!
  • CLICK HERE to submit your entries (remember there is no limit to how many submissions you can enter) *You can also download the Flip Grid app and use the code "SwimRVA" to enter on your phone!

Check Out These Awesome Free Webinars

Tech Talk with JKAP Recorded Zoom Call

Every Thursday at 4:00 pm, our Rapids swimmers and coaches gather on Zoom for a fun "Tech Talk with JKAP" meeting to watch races videos, instructional videos and talk swimming technique & race strategy.  We've got Coach Chris Bushelman joining us this week with some awesome backstroke advice too.  If you were unable to make the call, please enjoy the recorded version of the zoom call below.  (Please keep in mind that this was an informal fun meeting that we recorded and was not designed to be a recorded professional technique video).

Rapids Zoom Meet & Greet with SEC Champion, Michael Duderstadt! 

Fitter & Faster Clinician, 6 x SEC Champion and 15 x NCAA All-American, Michael Duderstadt, joined the SwimRVA Rapids for a special and inspirational meet and greet Zoom interview.  "Duder" as he is more commonly known as in the swimming world, swam with Rapids' Coach Jonathan for all 4 years of his swimming career before moving on to swim at Auburn where he enjoyed tremendous success as a Tiger.  His approach to life and swimming is unique and can help all athletes gain a terrific perspective during these unprecedented times.  Some of his best yards times include: 51.5 and 1:53.1 breast, 19.4 free (18.8 relay),  43.8 free (42.4 relay) 1:44 IM (High School was 54.5/1:57 breast, 20.6/45.7 free, 1:49 IM)

Check out some more fun info/videos about "Duder"!

Zach Apple Interview With The Rapids

USA National Team swimmer and multiple time World Championship gold medalist, Zach Apple joined the SwimRVA Rapids for a live zoom call to tell his story, say hi and answered questions!  For those that do not know, our very own coach, Chris Bushelman, developed Zach as a high school swimmer to help him on his path towards greatness.  

Rapids Weekly Personal Goal Guide

We are thrilled to announce the creation of the Rapids Weekly Personal Goal Guide

We are thrilled to announce the creation of the Rapids Goal Guide!  If you are like many of us, you thrive
on using a checklist or scratching things off of a "To-Do" list.  This goal guide is your way to keep yourself on track and hold yourself accountable for doing things that keep you moving forward towards your goals while we are away from the water.  Each week you'll start by writing down your long term goals to continue imprinting them into your brain.  Then, you create your goals of improvement for the week.  Each day you can check off the various items SwimRVA has created for you to improve yourself.  Then, you fill out your thoughts and notes (like a journal) at the end.

If you send in your weekly Rapids Goal Guide at the end of the week, a coach will reply to you with a personalized message about your progress!  You can either submit a form using the electronic GOOGLE FORM link below, or if you are old school like me, you can print out the form and have a physical copy for the fridge.  For that one, at the end of the week, just take a pic and email it to us!

Coaches Corner

Each day we will be sharing videos from our coaches!  We hope you enjoy them.  We have also created unique and enjoyable team activities you can do to engage with your teammates, have fun interacting with your family, and try new things to bring joy to your world.

Dryland Training

These are suggested Swim Workouts for Swimmers with Pool Space.  We have been receiving workouts requests from families who have access to an outdoor pool and we would like to help provide you with guidance.  Below are 5 different workouts swimmers can use for each group to get them through a week before needing to repeat.  Please remember that undertaking these workouts is at your own risk and each swimmer should be supervised at all times.

Stretch Coard Bands Weekly Workout Plan

Try this stretch cord exercise program that is 4 weeks long to keep you on track and focused each and everyday.  You can follow this to a tee, or you can use portions of these exercises to help you mix up your training with the current running, biking, ab workouts you are already working on.

Please note that this is not intended to be a "one size fits all" program, so you need to make sure you are tayloring the workouts to your ability level so that you do not cause injury.  Take it easy and build into it.  Please follow the exercises descriptions and feel free to send videos of you doing your exercises so the coaches can provide technical feedback.  Also, please make sure you are supervised by your parents for safety.

Creative Workout Plan

We are looking for fun and creative ways for our athletes (and parents who want to join) to stay fit and stay active.  Check out these neat and interactive ways you can workout with a friend on Facetime/Zoom, a sibling, parents, neighbor, etc.  

Strength and Conditioning

Related Articles 

The more you know and understand about the sport of swimming, the better you will be as an athlete.  We have put together a series of important news articles that we feel would be great reading material for each of our athletes and parents.  Of course, there is plenty more out there for you to read and we encourage you to explore that on your own.  Consider these some of our favorites that have been hand-picked for you!

Related Videos

Daily/Weekly Fun Activities

We would love to hear your ideas on some fun team activities we can pass along for you to do at home.  A part of having good balance in your life is to simply cut loose and have some fun!  In this section, we will pass along some safe and fun activities for you to do.  If you email Coach Jonathan at [email protected] your ideas, we may be able to post yours on here!

Create a Music Video of Your Week

  • I know you're way better than I am with technology!  You're going to do a lot of fun and cool things this week that hopefully includes some swimming workouts.  How about you get some sweet pics and video this week of the awesome things you do, then put it together in a music video this weekend.  When you're done, send it to the coaching staff and we may be able to share it on SwimRVA social media pages!

Create a List of Favorites with a Friend and Debate It

  • One thing society loves to do is make lists.  One thing I see all the time is sports commentators creating a list of the best players ever and then letting the debates ensue.  It can be a lot of fun!  Today, I would encourage you to team up with 5 of your teammates/friends/family and agree on a topic to create a list of favorites.  Maybe it's the top 10 basketball players of all-time.  Or the top 10 most delicious foods............top 10 favorite Marvel movies............top 10 favorites star swimmers, etc etc.  I would LOVE to see your list too!  Send what you have to your coaches and we will get in on the debate!

Find 20 Richmond Murals Around the City and Rank Them

  • Most of you may be looking for a reason to get out of the house while doing so in a safe, socially distant way.  Drive around Richmond finding murals.  They are literally everywhere in the Greater Richmond area!  The highest concentration I found were on Cary St and Grove in the fan, some downtown, many down Marshall Stree, some down Broad between downtown and Scott's Addition, and then a bunch in Scott's Addition itself.  You'll thank me later!  (Don't forget to look down side streets and alley ways!)

How long can you go without your phone?

  • I bet your first reaction is something like "How is staying away from my phone supposed to be a 'fun activity'?"  Haha!  I know, it sounds like I'm being unreasonable.  There is a whole world out there that you may not realize exists beyond the world of social media, email & texts.  My challenge to you this week is to pick a day and see how long you can go without getting on your phone (excluding true emergencies of course).  Once you finally cave, and you will...........let us know how far you made it!!

Film Your Pet Doing Something Funny

  • I don't know about you, but if I just followed our cats around all day with a camera, I'd probably end up with video gold, haha!  Some pets may need a little more encouragment or incentive in the form of a treat, but see if you can capture your sweet pet friend doing something funny on film!  And by all means, send it to your coaches!  We love to see that stuff!

Write Down Your Own Swimming Advice

  • First, I apologize for missing yesterday's team activity.  Hopefully you worked on your SwimRVA's Got Talent videos.  Secondly, we had an amazing Senior Recognition last night where our Seniors gave great advice to our younger swimmers.  Today, I want everyone to pretend you are a graduating senior and write down what your advice would be to your upcoming teammates that you have learned along the way.  What "words of wisdom" would you like to instill upon those who come behind you?  Afterwards, keep that piece of paper posted nearby at all times because you too may need reminding of that great advice one day.

Record and Share Your Favorite Swimming Memory or Funny Story  

  • When all is said and done with your swimming career many years from now, you likely will not remember all of your times.  However, some memories and stories will stick with you for a lifetime!  We want to hear what you've got so far!  Tell us a funny swimming story or a memorable one for you and send it to your coaches in a video.  We love hearing from you!

Create a New Language

  • Who says you have to learn another languague when you can just create your own!  Of course, creating an entire language out of scratch in one day might be a little bit much, but you can create 10 new words.........and who knows, you may find them in Webster's Dictionary one day!

Go for a Family Walk and Talk About Favorite Family Memories

  • Some of our awesome Rapids families are already going for family walks, so this may be an easier one for many of you than others.  Today is going to be a gorgeous one, so why not get out of the house all at the same time, bring those crazy individual schedules together and go for a family walk.  You can simply stroll through the neighborhood, go on a trail or even a hike together.  While doing it, instead of talking about the stressful things in life like COVID-19, not being in the water, too much school work, parents working and/or teaching from home, talk about your favorite memories as a family.  Focus on the positive and that walk might end up becoming a favorite family memory for you one day.

Do Something Completely Unexpected or Above and Beyond for Your Parents

  • There is a good chance that many of you already have household chores to do each week.  Today, however, how about you do something above and beyond for your parents?  They often are experiencing ten times the stress, frustration and difficulties that you may be experiencing, but they are usually masters at hiding that from you to make sure you have the best life possible.  Today, for no reason at all...........do something for them.  Maybe pick out something that doesn't often get done around the house (wipe the tops of the fans, or the baseboards weed the garden, etc).  Maybe it's not something physical but rather positive an emotional like writing them a heart felt letter or making them something nice from scratch.  Whatever you do, make it genuine and let them know how much you appreciate and love them!

Create & Film Your Own Light Saber Battle! 

  • You know we are going to want to see this one!  Get creative, have fun and film an amazing light saber battle today.  Use whatever you have around the house for your light sabers, dress up in Jedi or Sith garments and give the fans what they want.........an epic light saber battle on MAY THE FOURTH!

Create Your Own Board or Household Game

  • One of the best part about having children is that you can make literally anything fun.  If you have a cardboard box and a marble, we can turn it into a game.  If you have a chair, a pillow and a hat, we can turn that into a game.  Today, I encourage you to make your own game, set the rules ahead of time and play with a family member, a friend in the driveway while separate, or even a friend on Facetime or the phone.

Learn to Count to 10 in 2 New Languages

  • Hopefully each of you can count to ten in English..........hopefully, haha!  Some of you can already count to ten in one or two other languages.  My challenge to you is to add two more NEW languages to your list.  And then, who knows............maybe you love it so much that you keep going with one of those new languages!

Write a Letter to Yourself

  • There is one thing that is certain about this unusual time we have together due to the worldwide pandemic...........it is unlike anything we've ever experienced, and may even be like anything we experience in the future.  Even as tragic and uncomfortable this has been for so many, there have been some lovely things that have grown from this time together that has potentially shaped our perspective on life.  Today's activity is to write yourself a letter reminding you of what you have learned during this time and all the things in life you are thankful for and want to accomplish in the future.  Seal that envelope and write a date on it for you to reopen before reading it, sealing it again and setting a new date to reopen.

Camp Out in a Tent This Weekend

  • When is the last time you camped out?  No, you don't have to go anywhere!  You can camp out in your backyard.  Is it set to rain?  Pop up that tent in the living room and set up your "room" for the weekend (with your parent's permission of course).  Don't have a tent?  Well, I think it's time to get the bedroom sheets hung up!  If you have any great pics or videos of your new "home" for the weekend, send them our way!

Film a sweet trick or trick shot using your swimming equipment

  • It's been a while since you've used those goggles, your kickboard, paddles, fins, etc.  Let's take them for a spin!  Create a cool trick shot that is pretty hard to do and record yourself accomplishing the amazing feat!  When you are done, send it to the coaches and you might even find yourself highlighted on our SwimRVA social media accounts!  I'm thinking using goggles as a slingshot, or throwing your kickboard up in the air and catching it behind your back, etc.  Good luck and have fun!

Create a Swimming Song with a Popular Song

  • Create your own lyrics to a well-known song to write your thoughts on swimming, how much you miss swimming, how much you love it and your teammates!!  If you are daring enough, we think you should video yourself and send the video to Coach Jonathan so we can share it on our social media!  You know you want to!

Write a Swimming Joke

  • Let's get those dad joke creative juices flowing folks...............who can create the funniest, corniest or silliest swimming/pool/aquatics related joke???  Please email or text Coach Jonathan at [email protected] or 864-508-2961 when you have your joke ready.  The cornier the better, hahaha!

Write a Swimming Workout

  • Put your coaching hat on!  Take a stroll down to the coaching world and put together some workouts that you would like to do.  Come up with something that is challenging and accomplishes a goal but is also something you would love to get to do yourself.  Consider it like a self-potrait that comes out in the version of an awesome but difficult swim workout.  When you're done, send them to your coaches and we may be able to do some of them when we are able to return to the water!  

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