Scrip Programs for Fundraising

The following scrip programs are ongoing fundraising opportunities for SAC families to help meet their annual fundraising goal of $250.00



Shop with Scrip:  Gift cards will be ordered twice a month through the SAC office.  An order form and updated list of retailers will be emailed to membership prior to the order deadline.  Orders must be paid by cash or check (payable to "SAC" or "Scottsdale Aquatic Club").  Fundraising credit is based on the percentage of offered by each merchant and varies from merchant to merchant.

In additional to the order form that is emailed to SAC families, orders can be placed online through the Shop with Scrip website.   There are select merchants and cards that are only available in "Scrip Now", meaning the card will be sent to you electronically.

  • To create an online account, go to  
  • Set up your account using your email and create a password.
  • There is an enrollment code to connect your account to SAC.  Please contact Courtney for that information.
  • Select the scrip cards you want to purchase and submit your order.
  • To pay online, set up a Presto Pay account using a secure ACH from your bank account.   Once set up, you will receive an approval code from Great Lakes Scrip which will need to be forwarded to the SAC office ([email protected]) to confirm your enrollment.



Basha's/AJ's Gift Cards:  Individual gift cards for Basha's/AJ's can be purchased in the SAC office throughout the season. 

  • Cards are available in $100 denominations and must be paid by cash or check (payable to "SAC" or "Scottsdale Aquatic Club"). 
  • A total of 6% will be applied to your fundraising account for each $100 card purchased.
  • Basha's/AJ's gift cards can be reloaded at the grocery store.  Turn your receipts into the office to receive fundraising credit.  You can only reload cards you have purchased from SAC.



Fry's Community Rewards Program:  Based on your spending at Fry's, you earn a percentage of the total Fry's awards to all organizations in our region.   To set up your Fry's account online, go to and create an online account linking to your VIP card #.  After logging into your Fry's account, follow the steps below:

  • Select "My Account" then "Account Settings" from the drop down menu
  • Click "Edit" under Community Rewards.  If prompted, enter your personal information
  • Under "Find Your Organization", search for Scottsdale Aquatic Club
  • After selecting SAC, save changes to your account

Prior to the end of each quarter (Nov. 31st, Feb. 28th, May 31st, and Aug. 31st), log into your account and sent the account summary with the amount earned into the SAC office for credit to your account.


E-Scrip Program:  You can earn monthly fundraising from the eScrip Dining by Rewards Network and the eScrip Online Mall.  

  • To enroll, go to
  • Click on "Sign up" and enter our group name (Scottsdale Aquatic Club) or our group #11775617.  
  • Enter the personal information asked and then register the debit/credit card that you normally use to pay for dining out or shopping online.  You will earn a percentage of what you spend at the online mall or at the dining partners that support the program. 
  • Credits to your account can take up to 60 days to be reflected.
  • Additional family members or friends can sign up to support the team and you will receive credit for their contributions.  Make sure you notify the office if you have other supporters utilizing this program so you receive credit towards your fundraising account.