SAC Alumni:  Where Are They Now?


Catching up with our Alumni...

Taylor Bernosky
George Washington University - Sophomore

How did SAC help you prepare for college swimming?

SAC helped me a ton with college swimming.  Getting into a practice routine and learning how to be a good teammate were things I learned through swimming at SAC.  I worked on how to balance workouts with school and managing my nutrition with SAC, which set me up well for college swimming.

What has been your best memory as a college swimmer?

My favorite memory in college swimming was definitely winning the conference championship last year.  It was amazing to win with our whole team and a lot of hard work and fun went into making it happen.

What has been your biggest challenge as a collegiate swimmer?  What helped you overcome that challenge?

My biggest challenge so far has definitely been learning to ask for help.  Being a student athlete is hard and takes a lot of time plus a lot of planning to manage school and practice.  It gets overwhelming very fast and it can get hard to lean on others.  I think trusting my coaches and my teammates has helped me overcome a lot of stress and anxiety. 


What advice do you have swimmers going through the college recruiting process now?

For those going through the recruiting process now, I would saw don't be afraid to take your time.  It's a big decision and it's ok to ask all of the questions you want and to not know what you want.  I would also just try to think of what is really important to you.  Come up with some of your non-negotiable things and go from there. 


What would you tell the 16 year old version of yourself now that you are in college?

I would tell my 16 years old self to probably calm down a little bit.  It seems like a long time in the moment but this sport can take so much out of you but also can give you so much.  I would just try to stop and enjoy it for a second becuase we're all lucky we get to do this sport.  Having fun and getting the best from yourself and others is the whole point.

SAC Swimmers:  College Swimming Bound


Class of 2028

Caelle Armijo (University of Southern California)

Anneliese Dicks (University of Arizona)

Jack Douglas (Kenyon College)

Cate Dunn (Brown University)

Quinten Etebari (Arizona State University)

Joy Felner (University of Georgia)

Eddie Flynn 

Nick Gibbons (University of Arizona)

MJ Gilligan (University of West Virginia)

Isabella Hineman (Hillsdale College)

Jai Khurmi

Annika Kimery

Lucas Leibrand

Ethan Mindlin (Duke University)

Haley Mueller (University of Utah)

Max Obedia

Adam Reynolds (University of Arizona)

Jeremy Rosen (University of Alabama)

Teddy Sabev (Northern Arizona University)

Tejas Sahu

Emma Sayers (University of North Carolina)

Lydia Schryer (Colorado State University)

Hudson Schuricht (North Carolina State University)

Jonathan Sgouros (University of Omaha)

Ben Stewart (Arizona State University)

Addy White (University of Arizona)

Mizuki Yashiro (Harvard University)

Brea Zandt (University of Mississippi)


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