Estimated Time Line
(beginning HS Junior year)

Arrange a meeting with coach, swimmers and parents to go over process

May 15
Create a list of 15 potential colleges

May 30                                   
Review list of schools with Coach Andrew & Coach Bob

June 15                                  
Mail all letters, including questionnaires sent by college, to respective coaches

July 1                                     
Contact with college coaches can begin

August 15                              
Visits can begin

Early signing closes

November to April                  
Send update after every major meet

Late signing begins




College Recruiting for SAC Swimmers

This page is dedicated to helping SAC Swimmers find a College/University program that meets their needs both athletically and academically.  Below are useful tips and information regarding the recruiting process and links to various websites that can be helpful to finding the ideal fit for each swimmer.

Information for Parents: 

As a parent, you know your child better than anyone else.  You also know what financial resources you can provide your child prior to any support is offered.  Academic and athletic scholarships are often available, but are never guaranteed, so it's important that you are honest with your child and with the coaches you are speaking with throughout this process.  College coaches are a great resource for scholarship opportunities available at their respective school.  Ask questions early in the process so all available opportunities are on the table.

Your swimmer may have a different list of priorities when looking for a college/university.  Encourage open conversations throughout the recruiting process with your athlete.  There options and interests will change along the way and they need guidance from their most valuable support system.  

The coaching staff is also a valuable resource as they have connections with school and coaches across the country.  As your swimmer narrows down his/her list, take the time to review with the coaches to ensure various factors are considered.  

Information for Athletes:

The college recruiting process is exciting but can also be overwhelming and stressful at times.  Open dialogue with parents, coaches, and friends who have/are going through the recruiting process can be incredibly valuable.  Below are several factors to consider when beginning the search for the perfect school. 

  • Location – region of the country, proximity to home, and climate.
  • Academic – workload, majors offered, post grad opportunities
  • Cost – what is the cost to the family when all scholarships are offered.
  • Size – is the school body on campus large, medium or small.
  • Coach and facilities – will the working relationship be productive
  • College Atmosphere – does the college and surroundings offer what the athlete desires?
    • Big City vs. Small College town
    • Type of Team – Men’s only, Women’s only, Combine
    • Team Environment - Social Setting, team unity, and team personality.

Things to Remember through Recruiting Process:

  • Keep log book of summary conversations with coaches with date.
  • Prioritize what you are looking for: swim, academics, weather, fun, other activities, etc.
  • Check team and school websites (  
  • Be honest!
  • Interview on recruiting trip is important - be prepared.
  • Go through NCAA clearinghouse for eligibility.
  • Refer all unknown questions to Coach Scott.
  • Do your research before making a decision.
  • Save all pertaining websites for quick access.