Become a Operational Risk Director

Operational Risk directors are required to be non-athlete members of USA Swimming, train under a certified Operational Risk director, and pass the certification tests. We encourage contacting a certified Operational Risk director, or contacting the Middle Atlantic Swimming office directly if you are interested in becoming certified. 

List of Current Operational Risk Directors 

Operational Risk Director Training Certification Form

Operational  Director Online Test

Operational Risk Manual


General Info

Risk Management Section of USA swimming website

Operational Risk Director Report of Occurrence Online Form


Insurance Certificates for Your Club

As a USA Swimming member club, you have, at no charge to the club, the benefit of General Liability insurance coverage. The terms and limitations are reviewed annually with each policy period renewal. Currently, the policy limits are $1M per occurrence/$2M general aggregate. Beginning with each new membership year, USA Swimming mails each club an insurance certificate as proof of their insurance coverage.

Many times, a facility will request to be named on the certificate. This is called an “Additional Insured Endorsement.” This is a simple process, but is done online through the CertificatesNow website. USA Swimming headquarters does not request this certificate for the club. Remember also, that the certificate is not automatically renewed annually. 


When a real emergency occurs, there’s no time to look up the plan, so everyone should know exactly what to do. Make sure your coaches and swimmers are prepared!

How are USA Swimming and Risk Management Services, Inc. notified when an accident occurs? The Report of Occurrence form, which is available online, at all clubs and all meets is sent to USA Swimming, its insurance company (Risk Management) and the Middle Atlantic office. A spectator who is not a member of USA Swimming was injured at our meet. Do we need to file a Report of Occurrence? A Report of Occurrence form should be completed and sent any time an injury occurs at a USA Swimming function, whether or not it involves a USA Swimming member.