How to become a USA Swimming Official through Middle Atlantic Swimming


In September 2023, the annual USA Swimming House of Delegates approved Resolution R-9, which required a "singular standard by which all officials are certified and trained."  The USA Swimming Certification Guidelines became effective in February 2024, and can be found here: USA Swimming Officials Documents   The Middle Atlantic Swimming Officials Committee has begun to align our processes to the new guidelines, and the impact for current MASI officials and current and future apprentices is summarized here: R-9 Impacts for MASI Officials  



Let's Get Started!

The first step in the process of becoming a certified official is to register as a non-athlete (Official) member of USA Swimming. After that the steps may be completed in any order. The Middle Atlantic Official Committee strongly recommends that you complete the steps in the order described below and on the following page. 



When you have completed the Concussion Protocol Training Course, send a copy of the completion certificate to [email protected]. Once you complete your registration, background check, and APT course, open the USA Swimming App on your phone and log in, using the credentials you used when registering. Click the member card and you will see these required items and their expiration dates. If they have not updated yet, please wait up to 48 hours for the system to update. When these items are visible,  send a screenshot of your USA Swimming Member Card to [email protected]








After you become an apprentice official, there are a few more steps to becoming fully certified. These tasks will be discussed in your training clinic, but you can get started on a most of them at any time. (Steps with an * can be completed at any time.)


Take USA Swimming Certification Exam and pass with a score of 80%. When finished, send score to [email protected]rg. The exams can be found HERE on the USA Swimming website. You may use the USA Swimming Rulebook when taking the certification exam.  Please note: there are many exams available. Apprentice officials will either take the Stroke & Turn Certification exam or the Administrative Official Certification exam.

Complete Apprentice sessions on deck with certified official. Specifics about the apprenticeship will be provided in the training clinic.

After you complete your apprentice sessions, you will forward your card (ST) or evaluation forms (AO) to [email protected]g.