NON-ATHLETE REGISTRATION for 2024 & Deck Access for Fall 2023

(aka Officials, Coaches, Club Board Members, Club Office Staff, etc.)

The 2024 registration cycle for USA Swimming/Middle Atlantic Swimming begins September 1, 2023.   All individuals registered on or after September 1, 2023 will be members from the date of registration thru December 31, 2024.

USAS provides online registration process through SWIMS 3.0.  All registrations must be completed online.


This is for anyone that has a 2023 membership.

1. Log into your account at 

2. If you or any members connected to your account are eligible for one-button renewals, you will see a red 'Renew Memberships' button at the bottom of the ‘My Family’ section of your Member Dashboard. 

3. Click the 'Renew Memberships' button. A pop-up window will display a table with everyone who is eligible for renewal. If a member is eligible for multiple renewals (e.g., Athlete, Official, Coach, etc.), each renewal option will have its own line in the table. You may choose to renew more than one membership per member, if applicable.

4. Read through the information in the pop-up window carefully

5. Click the checkbox in the 'Select' column for each of the memberships you want to renew. NOTE: A 'Change Member Type' button in the 'Select' column indicates that the membership can be renewed as a different member type. An example of this would be renewing a Flex membership to a Premium membership. To change the renewal membership to a different member type, click the 'Change Member Type' button, select the member type you'd like to renew as from the dropdown, and click ‘Save.

6.  Once you've made your selections, click the red "Renew" button. The renewal(s) you’ve selected will be added to your cart, and the membership information for each renewing member will be displayed.

7. Click 'Continue' to proceed to the checkout and pay for your renewal(s).

8.  Review the items in your shopping cart and click ‘Check Out.

9.  FINAL STEP! To complete the payment process, enter the payment information and click ‘Pay.’ Member will receive confirmation email of payment and renewal.

ALL registered members for 2023/current that are renewing for 2024 or for those registering for the first time will need to complete an online registration and payment through USA-Swimming. We will no longer be able to accept any applications through the Middle Atlantic Swimming office.

Members will be able to access their personal account at any time to update or review their records after creating their account. Personal information edits (address changes, email updates, etc.) will be solely the responsibility of the member.

A few things YOU NEED TO KNOW…

  • Effective immediately, you MUST create your new USAS account in order to verify your current membership in order to access pool decks or other USAS or MA events.
    • For previous but not current non-athlete members – you will be able to merge your existing membership data to your new USAS account.  Follow these instructions to set up your new SWIMS account: How do I set up my new SWIMS account if I already have a membership? (
    • USAS member ID created prior to September 1, 2022 will no longer be utilized.  When creating your new account, you will be assigned a randomly generated 14-character ID per USAS security protocols.
    • You will need a new user name and new password.  If you have not created a new account, do not select "forgot password" as you have not made one yet.
  • If you are not a current member of USA Swimming and need to set up a SWIMS account, directions are here:  How do I set up my new SWIMS account if I am a NEW Non-athlete member
  • Questions about Registration should be directed to: [email protected] or message 484-501-4118.  Phone messages and emails will be returned during business hours.


Ready to register as a new Middle Atlantic Unattached Non-athlete member of USA Swimming? Contact the Middle Atlantic Swimming office for a link to membership [email protected]

USA Swimming Coach Requirements.  Each Coach Member is expected to keep their certifications up to date at all times.  This is the responsibility of the Coach.  Coach Requirment Checklist  Send certification updates to [email protected]


Education for coach members has been updated. This flow chart will help you navigate the course requirements.  Please check the Coach Requirement Checklist for details.

Have questions about the new SWIMS 3.0 registration process?  USA Swimming has provided many tutorials that can help.  Select from below.


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