General Swim Meet Information

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Swim Race

Every season includes a schedule of 5 to 7 dual swim meets and the season culminating in the RCSL Championship meet. The dual meets usually begin the last week of May and conclude in early to mid July and are followed by the Championships that take place over an entire weekend in late July. In addition to the League Rules for these competitions, we have a general set of rules for our team for all the participants in these meets that can be found on the "Team Rules" page of our Membership Information.

You can find our Meet Schedule on this website and, once completed, links to the results for each meet will be found on the Dual Meet Results page.  

The detail for the Meets will include the information relative to the meet and links to information such as the entries, parent volunteers, a meet info sheet you can print out and the meet's results. We post similar pages to cover the Championship meet details each season as well.

General Meet Information

 Race Finish

All RCSL meets divide the competition into age groups and genders so that the athletes will compete against their same gender and age. The age groups are 6 & under, 7 & 8, 9 & 10, 11 & 12, 13 & 14 and 15 - 18. This last group is further divided into 15 & 16 and 17 & 18 for the Championships.

All of these meets require that we submit our entries prior to the meet. Dual meet entries are usually due 48 hours before the meet while the Championship entries are due at the conclusion of the dual meet season. While parents or swimmers may "suggest" what events they would like to be entered in for each meet through the online sign-up process, the coaches will determine what events a swimmer will compete in based upon their readiness (technique, endurance, etc.) to perform that event and what events they still need to swim to be fully eligible for the Championship meet. The same process will be in place for the Championship meet. Swimmers are limited to no more than three of the five individual events in dual meets and five of the six individual events offered at Championships.

Some dual meets will include a relay event for each age group, time permitting. There are two relay events for each age group in the Championship meets.

Dual Meet Information

To help our swimmers prepare for the RCSL Championships, the League sponsors a complete dual meet schedule in May, June and July. The schedule of events will vary each week to allow a chance for all of our swimmers to swim each event offered to their age group.

The League will no longer sponsor a "Last Chance" Meet so everyone needs to get their meets and events for Championships in during the dual meets this year.

In dual meets, ribbons are awarded to the top eight overall finishers in each individual event and to the top three relay teams, which usually results in every swimmer winning at least one ribbon at each meet. Should any swimmer fail to win one of these ribbons, the team awards them a “participation” ribbon for their effort. Ribbons are usually handed out to the swimmers at the Friday or Monday practice following each dual meet.

Each dual meet has two special 6 & Under events with each participant usually receiving a ribbon immediately after completing their race. Swimmers are allowed to compete in three (3) individual events and one (1) relay in the dual meets.

While the dual meets are scored on a team basis, our coaches measure success more by how our swimmers improve over the course of the season than by the places and points in the meets. This emphasis makes every swimmer a “winner.” Our coaches and swimmers take these meets very seriously and everyone is urged to participate in as many of the dual meets as possible. If your swimmer(s) will be unable to attend a particular meet, please notify the coaches in writing or through the web site at least 48 hours before the meet so our entry will be correct.

RCSL Championships

Championships Picture

The biggest meet of our season is the summer ending RCSL Championships Meet. One of the largest swim meets held in the entire country each year, the League estimates that almost 1,800 swimmers will again compete in this year’s meet. It is the only meet where all sixteen teams in the League come together to compete for the coveted Team Championship trophies.

This year's Championships will be July 21st-July 23rd at The Bolles School. They begin with the 6 & Under Championships session on Friday  and all day Saturday and Sunday for all of the other age groups - 7 & 8, 9 & 10, 11 & 12, 13 & 14, 15 & 16, and 17 & 18.

The 6 & Under session is set-up to run in about 2-1/2 to 3 hours  and for these newcomers to our sport to have an enjoyable “taste” of what the big Championship meet is like. The Championship meet sessions will vary in length and include Saturday morning and afternoon and Sunday morning and afternoon session. The exact schedule of who swims when will be posted to the web site with our Championship meet information in mid June.

The awards for the 6 & Unders include medals for the top 3 places with ribbons for 4th through 16th places while the awards at Championships include team trophies, medals for "A" times and "B" times and the fastest three “C” times. Each child will also receive a RCSL participation pin as well. The awards from the Championship meet are given out at our season-ending Awards Ceremony.