The following list of "commandments" is from the USA Swimming web site.  We believe it is something that all parents should become familiar with in order to make their athlete's and their own experiences with our team and our sport enjoyable and rewarding.


    I. Thou shall not impose thy own ambitions on thy child.

   II. Thou shall be supportive no matter what.

  III. Thou shall not coach thy child.

   IV. Thou shall have only positive things to say at a competition.

    V. Thou shall acknowledge thy child's fears.

   VI. Thou shall not criticize the officials.

  VII. Thou shall honor thy child's coach.

VIII. Thou shall be loyal to and supportive of thy team.

   IX. Thy child shall have goals besides winning.

    X. Thou shall not expect thy child to become an Olympian.

If you, as a swim parent, can live by the above creed, your child will enjoy their experience in any youth sports activity they choose to participate in and, as a result, you will too!