Suspension or Expulsion

Per our Bylaws, our Suspension and Expulsion policy is as follows:

Suspension or Expulsion. A Swimmer or family may be subject to suspension or expulsion from the team if, in the opinion of the coaching staff or the Board, they interfere with the established program, exhibit poor sporting conduct, behave in a manner that is destructive to the team, or fail to pay assessed dues, fees, and fundraising commitments. If suspension or expulsion is recommended, the member shall have the opportunity to appear before the Board to explain or refute the charge. If a hearing is requested, a majority vote of the Board is required for the suspension or expulsion to stand.      

            No Member is an agent of the Corporation solely by virtue of being a Member, and no Member has the authority to act for the Corporation solely by virtue of being a Member.  Any Member who takes any action or purports or attempts to bind the Corporation in violation of this provision shall be solely responsible for any loss and/or expense incurred by the Corporation as a result of such unauthorized action, and such Member shall indemnify and hold harmless the Corporation with respect to such loss and/or expense.