Shirt Size Needed by 4/26, Buy Team Suit & Apparel by 5/1, & Personalized Swim Caps!

Kayla Gothier

1. Log into your Team Unify account to make sure your child's t-shirt size is correct, as that will be sent to the store for ordering based on those sizes, or send an email to [email protected] with the swimmer's name and shirt size. 

2. If you did not order a team suit on April 15th and/or would like some apparel (hope to add a hoodie soon), please order from our Team Store. Store will be closing on May 1st! Get your orders in ASAP!


3. If you want a pair of personalized swim caps for $25, please email preferred name (default is last name) and submit payment via Zelle to [email protected]. Payment must be received before we submit the order on May 1st.