TAC TITANS Scorecard

Webmaster TITANS

There are several ways to measure or keep score of how well your TAC Titans swim team is performing. The most important qualitative measure of success is how each swimmer is improving, learning, experiencing leadership opportunities and having fun. In addition, we have identified four categories of quantitative measures that we believe builds the foundation for providing every swimmer the best opportunity to succeed and enjoy their experience! 

The four quantitative measures are: 

  1. USA Swimming Recognition  (Club Excellence Program, USA Virtual Club Championship Program, USA Administration Program) 
  2. Full-Time Coach Retention 
  3. Swim Team Performance 
  4. Swimmer Retention and College Swim Team Acceptance 

One major accomplishment since our score card was created is our #1 ranking in the USA Club Recognition Program. 

Please check out the 2020-2021 end of the season “Scorecard.”