Team, Our team is now the second largest team in New Mexico! While we are growing in the strength of numbers we are staying focused on what really makes us strong. Working on the fundamentals, the technique, the focus, and the fun of swimming. We swam our first meet and rocked all swims. We had a lot of PRs broken and we did it with better swim efficiency then ever before! (we also did it when we aren't even close to being in shape). Lets continue to build on this...

Team, Congratulations to our swimmers this past weekend/week!  Our team competed in 2 different meets: Senior Zones Championships - Trinity Medley and Jacob Wemhoner made qualifying times this past season and we traveled to Fresno, CA to compete.  They did not let the meet get too big for them and had a lot of broken PRs!  Great swimming all through out the week! Sandia Novice Championships - We had a good amount of swimmers participate in this meet.  There were alot of broken PRs at this meet as well!  Top notch...

 Team, Congratulations to all of our State Competitors!  We had a truly amazing State!  There were numerous time drops and top place finishes!  It was a pleasure for the coaches to see how everyone's technique improved!  Everyone swam with focus, effort, and a positive attitude.  Thank you to all swimmers and parents who helped make everything a huge sucess!

 Team, Congratulations to our 10&U swimmers who participated in the State Championships this past weekend!  There were so many outstanding swims!  We had numerous top place finishes...tons of personal records broken...and fabulous stroke technique!  The girls took 3rd overall and the team as a whole took 7th over all. Special Congratulations to Ally Threhane!  She took 1st place highpoint!!! We are so proud of everyone.  Thank you for making MAKO Awesome! Good luck to our 11 and over swimmers for state this weekend! Coach Jeremiah

Team, Congratulations to all our swimmers this past weekend! Each meet we are competing at the highest level we can.  We are so proud of all the swimmers!  We had amazing swims at prelims and astounding swims at finals. Keep up the great/hard work! Special Congratulations to Ali Trahane for taking second place high point! Coach Jeremiah

Team, Great News!  Our new website address is See you in the pool! Coach Jeremiah

Team, Our first meet as MAKO was a huge success!  Our swimmers swam very well!  The meet was very organized and ran seemlessly!  We recieved many complements from other teams on how great the meet was.  All of this would not have been possible with out everyone pitching in to help.  Thank you swimmers for swimming and parents (and older swimmers) for volunteering.  I would like to specially thank Paula Whisenhunt, Michelle Wemhoner, and Brenda Sandoval for organizing and running the meet.   Again thank you for everything!!! Coach Jeremiah

  Team, You can now place orders for T-shirts, caps, and/or stickers.  Click Here At this time we will not do team suit orders. I'd like to leave it up to you to get a suit that fits our team color scheme. Thank you to Chris Rios for all your hard work in getting this available to us!  Have fun shopping! Coach Jeremiah

   Team, Greetings from Italy!   I heard such great things about our swimming this past weekend.  While there were alot of time drops...the thing I loved hearing was how well our technique is improving.  Your coaches are so proud of the meet swimmers and all the hard work that everyone has been putting into practices.  It is starting to show as we begin racing.  Lets keep focusing on how great our technique is and how we can improve it.   See you in a week! Coach Jeremiah