How to Enter a Swimmer in a Meet

1. Log into your Team Unify website account.

2. Click on the words "Meet, Event, Job Signup", located in the horizontal row of menu tabs. 

3. You will be brought to the Team Events page. Find in the list of upcoming meets the title of the meet in which you wish to enter your swimmer.

4. Click on the meet title. That will bring up the meet page as a popup window. The meet page will have all of the information you need to know about the meet: dates, entry requirements, venue, meet invite document, team hotel information, and information about entry limits (number of individual events you can enter per day) and which events are swum on which days. 

5. To enter the meet, click on the pink "Attend/Decline" button. That will bring you to a page where you can select the athlete's name who you are entering in the meet. 

6. Click on the athlete's name. That will take you to a page where you COMMIT either YES or NO to attending the meet. All you need to do is to indicate YES or NO.

7. If you chose NO then save your selection and you are finished. Your swimmer will not be entered in the meet.

8. If you chose YES, your swimmer WILL be entered in ALL of the meet sessions where his/her age group swims. Your swimmer's COACH will select the individual events your swimmer will swim.

9. If you cannot attend the entire meet (for example, your family has a conflict on Sunday and your swimmer can't swim that day) then USE THE NOTES section to write instructions to your swimmer's coach so he/she knows NOT to select events for the day you cannot attend. Simply write something like, "Cannot swim on Sunday" or "Cannot swim on Saturday" or "Can only swim first event on Saturday", etc. Do not rely on sending this information to your swimmer's coach in email or mentioning it in person. Your meet availabilty needs to be written in the Notes if you want to exclude your swimmer from any of the sessions / days of the meet.

8. Be sure to click  "Save" at the bottom right corner of the page. 

9. The meet invite will have information specific to the meet such as meet entry fees, specific order of events, and venue/parking information.