Parent Leadership Committee (PLC)

Purpose:  To connect all locations, bring together the team community, share information with fellow parents, and help assimilate new families

Structure:  One parent from each practice group to act as a Parent Representative (should have at least one year prior experience with the team). Smaller practice groups will be combined and the Parent Representatitve will oversee all of them.

Role and Responsibilities:

  • Email practice group at the beginning of the season to make introduction and offer availability to answer questions, especially for new parents
  • Attend all group parent meetings run by the coaching staff / lead coaches
  • Attend any new parent meetings or socials as scheduled by the Tide Board of Directors
  • Be available on the pool deck or facility lobby at a minimum of two practices per week during the first four weeks of practice to answer parent questions, especially concerning how to sign up for meet work jobs
  • Be available at the September and October TIDE hosted meets to answer parent questions. There will be a parent coffee hour at the September meet.
  • Be prepared to reach out to new families who join during the season to assure that they are personally welcomed and have all the information that was provided to parents at the start of the season
  • Pick up team store orders from apparel contact person for distribution at practice sites. Set a distribution schedule that can be communicated to parents to assure timely pickup of orders
  • Organize practice group parties (2-3 per year) and plan to assist with other team functions, such as the Spooktacular Splash, TIDE Annual Banquet, and season kick off events when requested by event organizers
  • Prior to meets, send out meet-specific tips to group and assist with planning team spirit/social events at select championship meets
  • Serve as liaison between Service Hours Committee and practice group(s) – make sure group members understand how to sign up for jobs and check their service hours balance
  • Be prepared to reach out to families who have not been signing up to work service hours to assure that they understand the requirement and the fines for not working
  • Receive email updates and information from Board members and communicate to practice group as needed. Occasional Zoom meetings may be held to encourage collaboration among PLC reps

Service Hours:  PLC Representatives will earn 15 service hours credit per year

Interested? Contact: Lyn Mannato - [email protected]


TIDE Parent Leadership Committee Representatives 2022-2023             

Virginia Beach
Novice (all 4 groups) - OPEN (parent with an older child who has experience on the team)
Developmental Silver (all 4 groups) - Mary Scott

Mt Trashmore:

Developmental Gold - Jamie Knapp
Age Group Bronze (ES) - Laura Smith
Age Group Bronze (MS) - Elena Carothers

Princess Anne:
Age Group Prep - OPEN (looking for experienced Tide parent)
Age Group Silver 12U - Jennifer Arendt
Age Group Silver 14U - Tara Dyckman
Age Group Gold 12U - Kristen Tessenear
Age Group Gold 14U - Jeny Taylor

Senior Bronze - Kristen Tessenear
Senior Silver - OPEN
Senior Gold - Sharon Wood
Pre-National - Shumi Rawlins
National - Sara Beth Roberts


Novice (all three groups) - Meg Chalmers
Developmental Silver (all three groups) - Jennifer Morgan
Developmental Gold - Melanie Kingery

Great Bridge:
Age Group Bronze - Melissa Horner
Age Group Silver - Dawn Muscolino
Age Group Gold - Jenn Valentine
Senior Bronze & Senior Silver - Becky Edwards
Senior Gold - Natalie Morrozoff 

Pre-National - Anna Stratton



Age Group Bronze, Age Group Silver - Liz Steinert
Senior Bronze, Senior Silver, Senior Gold - Kerri Wood