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Important information for TIDE swimmers

TIDE Swimmer Code of Conduct

All Tide swimmers are expected to abide by the standards of conduct outlined in this Code of Conduct.

TIDE Swimmer Progressions

Developmental Program - Group Progression

Age Group Program - Group Progression

Senior Program - Group Progression


Tide Swim Team Medical Hold Policy

If a swimmer sustains an injury or has a medical condition that prevents participation in training, dues payments will be suspended under the following conditions:

  • The injury or medical condition persists for more than a month
  • Documentation of the injury or medical condition in the form of a note from the attending physician must be provided to the team admin staff. This documentation needs to indicate the date of the accident or diagnosis and the length of time the swimmer is prohibited from training. This can be either a finite period of time or "indefinite" but it must be by order of the attending physician and specifically stated.
  • Any service hours obligation remains in force as the swimmer contract will remain in effect.
  • To request suspension of dues payments due to a swimmer injury or medical condition, complete THIS FORM and return it to the team administrator



TIDE Swimming Team Travel Code of Conduct

TIDE Swimming Team Travel Policy with medical information form




USA Swimming Concussion Information Sheet

USA Swimming "Possible Concussion at the Pool" Checklist

USA Swimming Consensus Statement on Concussions



Virginia Swimming Athlete Travel Expense Reimbursement for National Meets Information

Virginia Swimming's Athlete Expense Reimbursement Request for National level meets    

Virginia Swimming's Athlete Reimbursement Schedule


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