Competitive Programs
The Piranhas Swim Club   can offer upto 20 hours of swim and dryland training for aspiring swimmers who wish to achieve their dreams. Our dedicated team of coaches are here to create an innovative and creative environment where champions grow.
We aim to make practices, athlete centered, coach driven, parental supportive and actively encourage everyone to commit to long term development to achieve full potential.

To achieve full potential requires any individual to leave no stone unturned and concentrating on the small things that make the difference. There is no shortcut to success. Our coaching staff are here to aspire:

  • To have competitive swimmers from the Piranhas represented at all levels of competitions where it be regionally, provincially, nationally, and internationally.

  • To maximize opportunities for the growth and development of the individual within the Piranhas squads.

  • To encourage the involment of parents in the support of thier childs swimming development.

The program is age group orientated and divides swimmers into several groups for the purposes of training and competition. These groups are determined by the coaching staff and are indicative of the level of skill of the swimmer. Generally, they also follow age groups with a few exceptions. There are three general divisions as follows; 


The early competitive groups are designed to prepare young swimmers for the demands of a competitive program. The focus at this stage is solidly on skill development. This is approached through a series of drills, aerobic activities and dry land skills, which are set out in a format that allows learning in a fun environment. These swimmers train two to five times per week. Many will have the opportunity to compete at in house time trials, fun galas, home swim meets and away meets.

The later competitive groups are designed for the swimmers who need flexibility in their training but still want to continue to learn, improve and compete. The focus of this group is to support the athletes where they are, build the skills around commitment and discipline and athlete autonomy.  They will train up to 6 times a week as their schedule allows.

This program is designed for the swimmer who is seeking an advanced level of training and skill development. As the swimmer progresses through this program, the development of technical skills is combined with mental training and an increasing focus on endurance. These swimmers train six to nine times per week and their season extends to late July or early August. They may compete at as many as eight to twelve meets during the year.