Provincial Competition 

Swim Alberta and the Alberta Technical Program Committee, in consultation with Dr. Stephen Norris, have reviewed the provincial competitions and will be phasing in changes to ensure meaningful competitions appropriate for the age and stage of each swimmer.  Event winners, Festivals and qualification requirements are amongst the changes for next season.  Future changes will include an adjustment to the competition dates.  The highlights of each level of competition are below. Time standards and additional information regarding each level of competition will be published in September. If you have questions regarding the provincial competition changes please speak to your coach.

Swim Alberta Festivals

The Festivals are a new addition to Swim Alberta competitions.  Beginning in late fall of 2018 the Festivals focus on the younger developing swimmers in the province.  The Festivals will be for females age 10 & under and males age 11 & under in order to provide provincial competition exposure for swimmers at this age. The competition will include time final events of 50 and 100 meters over two days (Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning).  The Festivals will run late fall and late spring.

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Swim Alberta Provincials

Provincial event winners will qualify for the Swim Alberta Championships.  The age groups at Provincials will duplicate the current Swim Alberta Championship age groups. The provincial competitions will no longer be a North and South format but will be a single competition, in a heats and finals format.  Swimmers with one championship standard will be permitted to race that event at provincials in order to qualify.  Swimmers de qualify with two Championship standards. All individual event winners qualify to attend the Spring Championships

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Swim Alberta Championships

There are two significant changes to the Spring and Summer Championships.  The first significant change is the way swimmers qualify, swimmers will require two championship time standards to be eligible for the competition, swimmers with one championship standard will be eligible to race at Provincials.  The second change will be the number of events swimmers are eligible to race.  All swimmers qualifying for championships will be eligible to race up to a maximum of seven events, with qualification required for the distance events.  

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