Fundraising & Volunteer Commitments

Our fundraising and volunteer system is set up to have all families participate dependant on their swimmer’s level. The proceeds from these efforts are used to keep fees reasonable, reduce expenses, and keep our team travel active.  Some activities are counted per family and some are counted per swimmer.   We have to plan for success as well as the opposite so all families are required to provide post dated chqs that are returned or destroyed as the program operates.  

The Volunteering and Fundraising chairs will recalculate the points required after all the registrations are in and email any changes to the membership at the start of October. If you join the club mid season or change groups your points will be adjusted or prorated. 

If you are struggling to meet either goal please reach out to the coordinators. We have systems in place to help but we need to know well in advance not after the fact.  We also have a generous membership, some work their points early and would be willing to work for you, but again this needs to be done before the events not after. Please see the meet section for more information on expectation for swim meets.

Please see link below for Volunteer details- they will be posted after Sep 15th online

Volunteer Points 2023-24 click here ->