Margaret Howell

Wheat Ridge Rec Center

Email: [email protected]

Coach Margaret joined North Jeffco Swim Team in March 2021. She is a lifelong swimmer, retired competitive triathlete, yoga practitioner, and avid hiker. She started teaching swim lessons in Littleton, CO as a teen in the 1980s and has taught lessons or assisted in coaching on and off ever since, either age group or adults. She quit swimming competitively in her senior year of high school due to burn out and started swimming competitively again after college, then transitioning into Olympic distance triathlons. Instead of burning out, Coach Margaret advocates participating in multiple sports!  

Coach Margaret appreciates how swimming helps a person with everything: sleeping, eating, studying, and managing stress better. In the pool, she focuses on technique and getting swimmers to feel smooth in the water, subsequently developing speed.  On deck, she teaches stretching and strength exercises and yoga breathing to prevent injury. Coach Margaret believes in continual personal improvement in swimming and in life and encourages her swimmers to embrace this philosophy too.

Started Coaching North Jeffco Swim Team in 2021