Fees And Other Costs - Fees may change without notice

Swimming families pay several kinds of fees:

Swimming Organization

Annual dues for memberships in the several organizations which are part of the hierarchy tasked with overseeing competitive swimming from the local pool to the Olympics.

USA Swimming Annual Registration, Insurance and Splash Magazine - $90

Coral Springs Swim Club Annual Membership Fee - $110

*Annual Membership fees are subject to change without notice*

Monthly Coaching Fees

Payment to the coaching staff for their time, patience and expertise. CSSC's coaching fees are due monthly and must be paid by the 5th day of each month. If you fail to make the payment, you will be charged a $15 late fee. If the payment has not been received by the 10th day of the month, your child will not be allowed to take part in any swim club activities until the payment has been received. Payments can be made in person at the Coral Springs Aquatic Complex or Mullins Park Pool locations. If you are a current member of the Coral Springs Swim Club, you also have the option of making the payment over the phone by calling 954-345-2121.

Reinstatement Fee

If a swimmer does not participate in practice for one month or longer, a Reinstatement Fee (equal to one month of coaching fees) must be paid in addition to the dues for the month in which the swimmer returns to the program.

*** Monthly coaching fees are NOT processed through TEAM UNIFY ***

Coaching fee online payment

  1. Go to www.coralsprings.org/recreation.
  2. Click on “Activities” tab near top of screen.
  3. Type in the numbers: 31010 and click enter.
  4. Click on  Coral Springs Swim Club 31010
  5. Click payment Month 
  6. Click Add To Cart
  7. Enter username and password
  8. Check box under the swimmer's name and click Continue
  9. Enter payment info
  10. Click pay

Please see below the current coaching fees for each group (01/2024):

  • Red - $85
  • Green - $90
  • Gold - $90
  • Silver - $88
  • White - $100
  • Blue - $107
  • Senior 1 - $120
  • Senior 2 - $92
  • Nationals - $165

Private lessons

Would you like your child to have a private lesson? If so, you will need to work out the schedule with the desired coach. The cost of the private lessons may vary from coach to coach. All private lessons must be paid at the office and all private lessons must be done at one of the Coral Springs facility due to insurance and liability reasons. No exception!

*Coaching fees are subject to change without notice*. For the most up to date fees, please contact the Aquatic Complex directly.

If your child’s pool membership expires within 30 days, you won’t be able to pay online.  You will need to call the Aquatic Complex at 954-345-2121 to renew the pool membership first in order to pay for your child's monthly coaching fee.


Payment for a place to practice and other physical plant based services. CSSC families pay the Aquatic Complex of Coral Springs memberships fees which are due either quarterly or annually, depending on the contract the family chooses. City of Coral Springs Aquatic Complex memberships are for the use of the various complex facilities and are entirely independent of the Swim Club.

ADULTS (Memberships)

                                                         3 Months     Annual
Basic Pool Membership*:                $69.20       $176.40
VIP Pool/Fitness Membership         $81.91       $270.97 Club Promotional Rate

CHILD (Memberships)

Basic Pool Membership*:                $50.37       $106.87
VIP Pool/Fitness Membership         $69.20       $170.15 Club Promotional Rate

Meet Entry

Fees for swimming in sanctioned meets. Those fees include: meet host (facility) surcharge, coaching surcharge and event fee. Also, fines for violating the entry rules at sanctioned meets. A $15 coaching surcharge will be charged to your Team Unify account every time your child participates at a swim meet.


If you want to see your swimmer perform, your going to have to buy a ticket... unless you.... Volunteer! Also, there are t-shirts, and heat sheets, and refreshments to buy, of course.

Other Costs

It's not auto racing but age group swimming has its share of operating costs:


Swim suits can be purchased at the swim shop located at the Coral Springs Aquatic Complex location. Check out the CSSC team suits! You will be amazed!

Training Equipment

Goggles, towels, sandals, flippers (fins), warm up suits (yes, even in South Florida), and parkas. Older swimmers will need to purchase their own training equipment, such as freestyle and/or stroke hand paddles, kick boards, in and out of water resistance equipment, flippers of various lengths for different kicking drills, and snorkel.

Travel and Lodging

Away meets are sometimes very far away. Even our youngest swimmers will have the opportunity to compete in places like Clearwater, Key West, Largo (not the Key) or even Baton Rouge.

CSSC Social Events

The annual awards banquet, pre-meet pasta suppers, Halloween parties, etc. All have modest costs attached.

Fund Raisers

Band candy isn't just for the band. The Coral Springs Swim Club runs fundraising events from time to time.