VOLUNTEER – The life's blood of a swim team. Parents, siblings, and friends are an integral part of the success of a swim team. Except for coaches and lifeguards, every person you see on deck, at the gate, in the concession stand, under the tent, and in the hospitality room is a volunteer.

The joy of helping your child and his or her teammates is priceless. The example is pure. There are other ways to measure success besides winning swim meets. And, there is room for every parent of every swimmer to contribute to the success of this team.

CSSC Volunteering Policy

Beginning January 1, 2024, all CSSC parents are required to complete a minimum of 20 volunteer hours (for families with one child) or 30 volunteer hours (for families with two or more children) per family.  Team Unify will be used for the tracking of the volunteer service hours.

Food donations for hospitality do not count toward your 20/30-hour requirement. Donating food provides additional service hours for swimmers’ school requirements and allows us to provide meals and snacks for our volunteers, coaches & official.

Listed below are the opportunities for you to volunteer:

  1. Tents for swimmers at HOME meets: We need parents to set up and take down the team canopy tents for the swimmers.  Set up at home meets is worth 1 hour per session. Take down at home meets is worth 1 hour per session. One tent per family!
  2. Tents for swimmers at AWAY meets: We need parents to pick up team canopy tents, drive them to the away meet pool, and set up and take down the tents before and after each session of the meet.  Upon the conclusion of the away meet, team tents need to be returned home.  Set up for away meets is worth 2 hours per session. Take down and return for away meets is worth 2 hours per session.  A total of 4 hours per session at away meets can be acquired. One tent per family!
  3. At each home meet, we need lane timers, a head timer, parking supervisor, Omnisport computer operator, runners for Omnisport, meet marshals, hospitality runners, and concessions managers. Each job at each session will count for hours depending on the length of the session. The volunteer hours you can earn for each session will be provided to you at the time of volunteer sign-up. (Example: This session is worth 5 volunteer hours.)
  4. Any friend of family member can volunteer and give your family credit for those hours. Example: if two parents volunteer as timers, both of their hours will count toward the swimmer.
  5. Any missed volunteer hours, as calculated December 31st of each calendar year, will be automatically charged to your Team Unify account at a cost of $15 per missed hour.
  6. At HOME swim meets, all volunteers must sign in at the volunteer check in table and receive a visitor/volunteer wristband prior to the start of the event, and sign out at the time of departure.
  7. Additional volunteering opportunities may be announced during the year, as needed.

Please see below the volunteer positions available and the job description. Thanks to everyone for helping at our swim meets and other events. Click here to open a printable version of this information. Keep in mind that the volunteer positions may change without notice and some positions may be added or removed any time depending on the swim club's needs.






You will be assisting in the wood room with meals for officials, coaches and volunteers as well as distributing snacks and drinks to them around the pool deck. Preparing snacks, setting up meals, and cleaning up throughout the sessions are all a part of this mostly air-conditioned job.

Parking Supervisor

You will monitor the aquatic center parking lot to ensure that only registered officials, coaches, and volunteers are parking here. You will earn only one hour for this job so please also sign up to be a timer!

Meet Marshal

You will monitor the deck to ensure that only the officials, coaches, volunteers with wristbands, and swimmers are on the pool deck. You are responsible for enforcing meet warm up procedures and maintain order in the swimming venue. This is an important job that helps ensure that spectators stay in designated areas so our team of officials and volunteers can run a successful meet for our swimmers and visiting teams. You must be at least 18 years or older.


Our meets cannot be successful without our volunteer timers! We need two timers per lane. Together, you will use the “plungers” and a stopwatch to record each race. The timer job is essential to the meet in case the timing system fails or we have discrepancies in results. This is a fun job to do when you buddy up with a friend and it gives you the very best seat on the entire deck to watch all the action! All refreshments and meals are provided to you as well. If you have never timed before, that is OK because it is easy to learn, and we can teach you in a matter of minutes.

Head Timer

You should already have experience as a timer before taking on this role. You will use two stopwatches for every race to provide backup for a timer who forgets to start their watch or if their watch fails. You will also ensure that swimmers are not crowding around the timers and provide relief as needed.

Omnisport Operator

This position requires training. You will operate the “outside” computer at the start and end of every race. The Omni communicates with the “inside computer” so it is essential for the Omni operator to communicate with the head officials and be attentive to the task at hand.

Meet Runner

You will be on your feet getting lots of steps in this job! You will “run” the printed tickets from the Omni computer to the lane timers to fix any discrepancies that may arise, and then “run” the tickets into the wood room to the Administrative Official. This job really makes the day go by quickly and you will be right in the middle of the action!

Concessions Helper

You will assist with selling snacks and drinks to spectators throughout the session.

Tent Setup

Volunteer must pick up the tent(s) at the Coral Springs Aquatic Complex, along with 4 buckets and bungee cords. Volunteer is responsible for transporting the team tent(s), and setting it up at the swim meet location.

Tent Take Down

Volunteer must take down the team tent(s) at the conclusion of the meet, transport it back to the Coral Springs Aquatic Complex along with the team buckets and bungee cords.

Social Activities

Volunteer will sign up to help at the swim club social activities such as: team banquet, pasta dinner, team breakfast, parties, etc.


The announcer coordinates with the Meet Referee to control the flow of a meet. The announcer uses the PA System for announcing the events, heats, and sometimes swimmer names throughout the meet. Also, the announcer is responsible for general announcements and conveying any information necessary according to the officials or meet host.