To put a single swimmer in the water in a USA Swimming sanctioned event, one needs a coach, three officials, and at least one timer. It's pretty certain that the officials and the timer are related to a swimmer and are volunteering their time.

Swimming is a family affair. Even if a family has just one swimmer, parents and siblings will become part of the sport. Getting the swimmer to and from practices and meets, making certain the swimmer follows the nutritional diet and exercise recommendations, and helping run swimming meets become part of the swimming family lifestyle.

CSSC is fortunate to be a premier swim club with superb facilities which also happen to be centrally and conveniently located in a very fast, competitive LSC (Local Swimming Committee). Along with this good fortune comes responsibility. CSSC regularly hosts swimming meets, little and large. A big meet like the Age Group Championships can require as many as 150 volunteer slots which need to be filled. Most of those slots are filled by CSSC Members' families.

The CSSC Board

The CSSC Board is tasked with organizing, staffing and operating our home swim meets. Additionally, its members take on many of daily administrative chores for the club, raise funds for travel meets, organize and manage club social activities, help set club policy, and , help determine how best to spend the funds raised. If you have a CSSC swimmer in your family, you are automatically a member of the Booster Club. It's free!

Our Volunteers

On the other hand, you don't need to be a member of the CSSC Board to be a volunteer. High school students in need of service hours, former swimmers needing to smell the chlorine again, current swimmers between meets, philanthropists and do-gooders of all stripes, we take take them all. And, we're happy to have them.

Finally, remember our Volunteer Motto: "We Work for food"

For more information, don't hesitate to contact us.