REGISTRATION: Joining Coral Springs Swim Club CSSC in South Florida

You must bring your child to tryout PRIOR to registering with CSSC and USA Swimming.

To schedule a tryout, please contact Coach Jessica at [email protected].

Coral Springs Swim Club - The Preregistration Paperwork

Welcome to the Coral Springs Swim Club. Once the coach has determined which group would be right for your swimmer, he or she gets a one-week free trial. To take advantage of the free trial, you must: Please review the combined CSSC and the United States Swimming registration forms. You will have to electronically sign those. Now you're ready to enjoy the free trial week.

The Trial Week

The trial week is important. During that week you, your swimmer, the coaches and the team will become better acquainted. If any adjustments are needed, such as moving your child to a different group, these will be made during this week. Note: Once the trial is over, you will have the option to join the Coral Springs Swim Club or not.

If you choose to join the Coral Springs Swim Club, you must create a NEW ACCOUNT with the club on the TEAM UNIFY by clicking on the link: Coral Springs Swim Club Registration (updated 01/24)

If you already have an existing Team Unify account with another organization, you do NOT have to create a new account. You can log in with the existing credentials (username/ password) but you MUST use the link above in order to create an account with the Coral Springs Swim Club.

The CSSC annual registration cost is $110. The payment must be made when creating the new member account.  Upon completing the CSSC registration process, you will need to create an account with USA Swimming by following the OMR (Online Member Registration)

If you choose NOT to join CSSC, you do not have to do anything.

Please note that if you register with the swim club by mistake, we may be able to issue you a refund, however, the credit card processing is non-refundable.

USA Swimming Annual Membership

Now that you have created your Team Unify account, you need to register on USA Swimming. The USA Swimming membership will allow you to participate in all the swim club activities such as practices, swim meets, social events, etc.

To create a NEW USA SWIMMING ACCOUNT, please click on the unique link below: (Updated on 09/01/23)

Make sure to follow the prompts. Please be sure the athlete's information matches the information entered in your Team Unify account. Information such as address, email, first name, last name, middle name, date of birth, preferred name, etc must match 100%.

- IF you are having issues, please contact our Office Manager at [email protected],  and we will be able to assist you. 

- Please also read the Frequently Asked Questions on that page for additional information.

Unless you are told otherwise, please select the premium athlete membership when registering your child.


Premium Athlete ($90) – this is the membership we recommend for ALL swimmers joining the Coral Springs Swim Club. It allows the swimmer to compete in all meets.

Flex Membership ($30) – for 12 & unders ONLY; with this membership, the swimmer can only compete in no more than 2 competitions per year. If you think your child will compete in ANY meets, we strongly recommend you sign up for the Premium Athlete membership.

Coach – only for those on Coral Springs Swim Club Staff who have completed the required training certifications.

Apprentice Official – this is a 60-day free membership. During this time, the apprentice official takes the clinic/training, the test, and apprenticeship. After certification is complete, you will register for membership as an official.

Official ($75) – for Coral Springs Swim Club parents who are certified as an Official, including Admin Officials, in the FGC. This membership is done AFTER all the requirements to become an Official are completed.

At the end of the first registration that you create, you will see the option ‘Add Another Member’ before you check out. You will receive a confirmation email of the registrations that you have submitted.

Any questions? Please email one of the coaches:

Mullins (Red, Green and Gold): [email protected]

White and Blue: [email protected]

Silver: [email protected]

Senior 1 & 2: [email protected]

National Team: [email protected] 


Sounds simple and it is. It's just that registering a swimmer means registering with and paying a fee to:

  • CSSC (annual registration fee - 110)
  • City of Coral Springs Pool and/or Fitness Membership (quarterly or annual fee)
  • USA Swimming (annual fee - $90)

None of these fees have anything to do with the monthly coaching fees. Paying these fees and registering with these organizations, entitles you to pay the monthly coaching fees and allows your swimmer to get into the pool to be coached.

First Time Registration

In order to join the swim team, your child must have been swim tested by either a member of the Coral Springs Swim Club staff or the Director of the Swim America Program. Once your child has been assigned to a particular swim group, you must read and sign (electronically) all the required forms (Swimmer's Code of Conduct, Parents' Code of Ethics, USA Swimming Registration Form, Photo/Video/Audio Release Form, Coaching Fee Policy, Monthly Coaching Fee, Reinstatement Fee and Coaching Fee Policies, Medical and Liability Waiver, CSSC Volunteer Policy and Harassement/ Bullying/ Hazing Policy). You must agree to all terms and conditions. 

USA Swimming Annual Registration

Every CSSC member must be an USA Swimming member in order to participate in CSSC activities such as: practices, swim meets, team parties, social events, team trips, etc.

In order to complete the USA Swimming registration, you must click on the link below and follow all the prompts. You will be able to create a profile for your swimmer.

Coral Springs Swim Club Annual Registration

At the beginning of August every swimmer's family will receive a email notification reminding them that the new annual registration process has begun. If you are current CSSC member, you will have to electronically sign all the registration forms again. If you are a first-timer, you have to fill out ball the forms online and pay all of the registration fees. 

These documents must be electroncially signed or your swimmer will not be able to attend practice. There's an obvious reason for this ("No Ticket, No Entrance"), but, there's another, not so obvious reason. A Portion of the various fees fund casualty insurance. Signing the documents and paying the fees means that you have expressly agreed to abide by the covenants of that insurance, and that you and your swimmer will behave in a safe and responsible manner at practice and at swim meets. We live in a litigious age. Without proper insurance and proper behavior there would be no organized swimming