Blue Group Handbook

Printable PDF with Expectation Agreement, click here


The goal of this handbook is to help you understand the goals & expectations  for  both swimmers and parents. If you have any questions, please direct them to Coach Dan McGarry [email protected]


Prerequisite skills:

Required skills:

Freestyle -  complete 50 yards of free w/ balance and side breathing. Swimmers must be able to complete

flip turns with a  streamline and dolphin kicks. 

Backstroke -  complete 50 yards of backstroke, with body balance,  shoulder rotation and straight leg

kicking. wimmers must be able to complete a legal backstroke  turn with a  streamline and dolphin    kicks. 

Breaststroke- complete 50 yards of breast w/ legal kick and stroke timing. Swimmers must be able to complete a legal open turn with the underwater sequence of a breaststroke pulldown. 

Butterfly - complete 25 years of fly w/legal form. Swimmers must be able to complete a legal open turn with  underwater dolphin kicks.

100 IM w/legal turns and finishes

50’s of freestyle under :50

50’s of back under 1:00 

100 of kick timed under 2:00

Compete at meets regularly 

The ideal candidate must listen well, follow directions, apply stroke instruction, and work in a group setting.


Contact Information:

Email: [email protected] Swimmers writing by email must cc a parent, as per USA Swimming’s MAAPPS policy.


*Please note that current MAAPPs hours for swimmer-coach contact are from 5:00am to 9:00pm.


Description: This group is designed for elementary school aged children 6-10 year old, who are still learning the basics of the competitive strokes. The emphasis will be put on building self-esteem, learning to practice in a training group, and forming proper stroke technique habits. Athletes in this group will learn that making new friends and having fun are an important part of growing the child’s love of the sport.


Swimmer Attendance Expectations:  Swimmers should attend at least three of the four available practices a week. We encourage all swimmers to take advantage of all possible practice opportunities to help enhance their knowledge and progress. 

Equipment: Swimmers are required to bring these items to practice everyday

  • Fins--recommended pair linked here

  • Kickboard--recommended one linked here


Meet Participation: Swimmers should plan to attend scheduled meets for swimmers in the Blue Group. Swimmers are required to attend all of the practice meets and are highly encouraged to participate in the scheduled meets for Blue Group. When signing up for events, the coaches will provide focus events for which events each swimmer should participate in. If you have not received direction in event selection, please reach out to Coach Dan via email before registering. 

Compliance forms: All swimmers are required to fill out COVID waivers and follow all COVID protocols established by Albany Armada Aquatics and Alameda County Health Department. All swimmers and parents must comply with the AAA Code of Conduct at all times (swimmers linked here, parents linked here). Code of Conduct breaches can result in suspension or immediate dismissal from the team.