The Distance Fly Virtual Challenge

Building on the proud legacy of the 1650 Borboleta

Ever wondered whether you could swim distance fly? Now’s your chance to find out! 

The Distance Fly Virtual Challenge, which can be swum from May 1-June 30 each year, allows you to be timed, in your own SCY, LCM, or SCM pool, for the 500 fly, the 1000 fly, or yes, the 1650 fly -- or any combination of those events.  Then you can compare your times to others throughout our LMSC and even USMS!  


1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishers in each category in each gender and age group (18-24 women, 25-29 men, 30-34 women etc.) receive a special event ribbon; all participants in any of the three events (unless they opt out) will receive a special, 1.5" diameter “distance fly survivor” button to proudly display on their swim parka!  

Also, ALL finishers of the 1650 fly, present *and past*, are eligible to receive a special Distance Fly patch. 2023 finishers will be sent the patch; 1983-2019 finishers please contact the meet director, Leah Carroll , to receive yours. Patches are the same size as USMS Top 10 patches.  Though they have adhesive, they are meant to be sewn on fabric such as your team swim parka.  



In the early 1980s, Rinconada Masters member Aldo da Rosa famously switched from freestyle to butterfly at the 150 mark to complete a 1650 in competition.  Inspired by this event, from 1983-2019 (with the sole exception of 1998 when the pool was closed), the Rinconada Masters included a special event for competitors at their annual SCY meet to compete the 1650 fly.  Records were carefully kept for every finisher and were displayed on their website for decades.  (Here is Aldo da Rosa’s account of the early years and highlights of this competition).  

Sadly, Rinconada Masters disbanded shortly before the pandemic, and the 1650 Borboleta was discontinued.  However, one member, Oleg Milman, hung onto the records and history, and has passed them on to those of us who decided to resurrect the tradition as a virtual competition, now sponsored by Albany Armada Masters (Albany, CA) and which now includes options for swimming a 500 or 1000 butterfly as well as a 1650.  Bill Durell from MINN Masters has not only obtained the records from Oleg but has also graciously covered the expenses for the patches and the initial setup of this competition. 

Below please find links to this year’s results as well as all-time records, top 10, and complete participant list.  We hope to see your name on the list for future years!

2023 results and records

Distance Fly Top 10, 1983-2023, 500, 1000, and 1650 

1650 fly results by year, 1983-2023

1650 fly results, 1983-2023, sorted by age-gender group and time

1650 fly "Wall of Fame":  all finishers,1983-2023, with # of swims copleted, range of years