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Ready to get started?  Check out our Clinic page for updated clinic information. The USA Swimming website offers a large range of information for new and existing officials.

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Ed Lesnick

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Whether you have questions or concerns about PNS, being an official, or officiating in general, I'm here to help. Contact me Officials Committee meetings are generally held on the 2nd Tuesday of the month starting at 6:30 p.m. via Zoom.  If you have specific items or questions you'd like addressed, please let us know at [email protected].  We also welcome outside attendance via request at [email protected].

How to check your registration/certification status

Step 1. Click to log into your USA Swimming Account Step 2. Click to check your LSC Position Credentials

This takes you to your USA Swimming Dashboard. Your Membership Card on the left will tell you if you are in Good Standing.  Click on the card to see your actual Card and the expiration dates of Background Check (BGC), Athlete Protection Training (APT), and Concussion Protocol

Expiration Date" - this is when your USAS registration expires.  You must pay $81 each year to register.  This is required annually with registration starting September 1.

"Background Check" - this is when your background check will expire.  My last check cost $19.82.  I'm not sure what the current cost is.  This is required every 2 years, and can only be performed within 30 days of expiration.

To run a background check, navigate to the USA Swimming website -> Education -> Course Catalog, click on "Officials", click on "Requirements", then look for the Background Check button

"Athlete Protection Training" - This tells you when you need to take the Athlete Protection Training refresher course.  This is required every year, and can only be performed within 30 days of expiration.  If you have passed the expiration date, you will need to take the full APT course.

To take this, navigate to the USA Swimming website -> Education -> Course Catalog, click on the "Safe Sport" button, then choose whatever "Athlete Protection Trianing - Refresher" course you think you need.  The last time I tried this, it was broken, and I had to take Refresher courses 2 and 3.  Your mileage will probably vary, but it's free.  Good luck. 

Concussion Protocol Training" - You only need to take this once as a PNS official.  Once you take it, your date should show 1/1/3000.  If you live that long, you'll have to re-take the test, again within 30 days of expiration.

To take this, you have 2 course options.  Upon completing a course below, email your results to [email protected] along with your USA Swimming membership ID.

  1. NFHS Course
  2. CDC Course

Note: You MUST do Step 1 first.

This takes you to your LSC credentials, where you can determine if/when you need to take a recertification clinic.

These are your PNS certifications.  The expiration date should be 12/31 of a particular year.  Don't let this task sneak up on you.  Our policy requires that you attend a recertification clinic and cover all requirements that your clinician asks for.  This is required every 2 years.

Our recertification policy is located on the PNS website under Officials -> Policy, then click on the Recertification Policy link.

If you need to attend a clinic, all clinics are located on the PNS website under Officials -> Clinics.  Find the appropriate clinic at your highest certification level.  One thing to note - if you take a clinic to advance your credentials (e.g. Stroke&Turn -> Starter -> Deck Referee), attendance and completion of requirements cover recertification.  Prerequisites are detailed on our PNS officials policy page under Certifications Policy