Resources (02/18/2024)

USA Swimming Links
2024 USA Swimming Rulebook USA Swimming Training Resources and Administrative Forms
Stroke and Turn Briefing (USAS Link) Stroke & Turn Video Briefing
Officials Certification Standards (USAS Link) LSC Officials Certification FAQ (USAS Link)
Situations and Clarifications Continuing Education
Take your Marks Clarification NFHS / USAS rule differences
Interpretation-Therapeudic Elastic Tape 2024 PNS All-Officials Meeting (04/24/2024)
Breast Stroke and Butterfly Seperated Hands 2024 PNS Spring Referee Forum (04/17/2024)
Backstroke Rule Interpretation  
Breaststroke Situations USAS Meet Referee 101
  USAS Yes to the Ref... Now What?
  USAS Swim Meets and the Management of Risks
Novice Official Information Novice Official Checklists
Novice Training Videos Checklist for Novice Stroke and Turn
Novice Record / Novice log Checklist for Novice Admin Officials
Stroke & Turn Certification Procedure Checklist for Novice Starters
Order Your Name Tag (Hasty Awards) Checklist for Novice Referees
Pacific Northwest Information For Referees
PNS on-line LGBTQIA* Education Referee Meet Report
Recommended Practices for Gender Diverse Athletes OTS Session Administrator (02/17/2024)
Meet Scripts for Officials, Meet Directors, Volunteers Report of Occurrence
PNS Radios and Headsets  
Useful Forms
OQM Deck Assignment Sheet 500 Free Count Sheets
No Show Slips 1650 Free Count Sheets
Relay Take Off Sheets 8 Lanes 800 M Free Count Sheets
Relay Take Off Sheets 10 Lanes 1500 M Free Count Sheets
Deck Entry Form Declaration of Intent to Scratch Finals
Evaluations Information For Evaluators
USAS N2/N3 Advancement/Recertification Submission The Professional Mentor
USAS Certification and Evaluation  Evaluation Templates
Walk Of Stars PP General Presentation.pptx USAS World's Colliding: MR's and Evaluators
Viewing past evaluations (02/17/2024)  
National Certification Travel Policy Information
National Certification Requirements PN Official's Travel Policy
N2 and N3 Stroke and Turn Pre-Authorization Travel Form
N2 and N3 Chief Judge Travel Reimbursement Request
N2 and N3 Starter  
N2 and N3 Referee  
N2 and N3 AR  
N2 AO  


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