PNS Radios

In the summer of 2022, the PNS Officials Committee took the opportunity to purchase 28 radios and accessories.  Previously our LSC would have rented radios for all major Championships at a cost that limited it to only seven meets per year.  The Officials Committee felt that we would save more budgeted funds per year and allow more Officials to gain experience using radio protocol by making this purchase.

The radios are broken out into 2 cases with 14 radios each and all the necessary accessories for use at any meet.  On this page, you will find the type of radio we are using along with the type of headsets that can be purchased to use with this radio.  Also, there is a link to the manual for the radio in case someone wants to become familiar with the operation of the radio.

If a Referee is interested in using radios at their meet there is a radio request form and a radio rental agreement below that will need to be completed.  Once your radio request has been approved, you will need to complete the rental agreement.

If anyone has any questions, please get in touch with Rick Cox, Aline Bensen, or David Guffey, and we will answer any of your questions.

Radio Request Form

Radio Rental Agreement

Midland Radio Manual

Here is information about the radios used at PNS meets. If you want to buy your own headsets, make sure they are compatible with Midland radios.

The PNS radios use the General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) standard. Any radio that conforms to this standard will be compatible with the PNS radios.


The PNS radios are Midland GXT1000VP4. They are sold in pairs and include a charger and two headsets.

The channel settings for the PVS Radios are given below. Channels 2 through 7 are the only ones used by PNS.

Channel DCS Code
2 37
3 44
4 37
5 44
6 37
7 44


There are many different types of headsets that are compatible with the Midland radios. Below are a few of the styles preferred by PNS officials. They are sold in packages of two

Basic Over-the-Ear Headset - The Midland AVP-1 Headset is the basic headset that comes with the radios when you buy them.

Security Earpiece Headset - The Midland AVP-H3 Headset is an in-the-ear headset.

Behind-the-Head Headset - The Midland AVP-H5 Headset is a behind-the-head headset.

Over-the-Head Headset - The Arama B380L02 Overhead Earpiece Headset has an adjustable band & PTT, Noise-Cancelling Boom Microphone. This is currently out of stock at Amazon as of 6/19/2023.

Surveillance Earpiece Headset - The Zeadio ZP-AR164 Surveillance Acoustic Tube Earpiece Headset is an in-the-ear headset. This is currently out of stock at Amazon as of 6/19/2023.