No longer USAS Convention.  USA Swimming Annual Business Meeting - September 23-25, 2021

Colorado Springs and Virtual - more information as available.

United States Aquatic Sports Convention - The United States Aquatic Sports annual convention provides an opportunity for USA Swimming to gather all of its delegates together for the purpose of making decisions that will affect the future of our sport. We elect our officers, vote on rules and legislation, and discuss and plan programs that will continue our tradition of excellence in the sport of swimming.  PNS voting delegates:  General Chair, Admin Vice Chair, Senior Vice Chair, Age Group Vice Chair, Coach Rep and Athlete Rep.

Convention 2020 - 9/24-26/2020 

5/1/20:  USA Swimming has made the decision to move forward with a virtual Convention for its delegates.


Convention 2019 - St. Louis, MO

PNS Delegates:  David Baer, John Gagliardo, Alice Godfred, Lorraine Masse, Lisa Vetterlein, Dane Wolfrom, Grace Brown, Emma Huynh, Dietrich Meyer, Kieran Watson

Convention 2018 - Jacksonville, FL

PNS Delegates:  Grace Brown, Francesca Evans, Alice Godfred, Emma Huynh, Bob Keller, Cory Keller, John Skroch, Victoria Truswell, Ron Van Pool, Lisa Vetterlein, Dane Wolfrom

Convention 2017 - Dallas, TX

PNS Delegates:  David Coddington, Lisa Dahl, John Gagliardo, Bob Keller, Cory Keller, Kevin O'Shea, Teri White, Dane Wolfrom, Victoria Truswell, Emma Huynh, Ron Van Pool

Convention 2016 - Atlanta, GA

PNS Delegates - David Coddington, Lisa Dahl, John Gagliardo, Bob Keller, Cory Keller, Kevin O'Shea, Teri White, Dane Wolfrom, Ron Van Pool (Special NADO Summitt), Lisa Vetterlein

Convention 2015 - Kansas City, MO

PNS Delegates:  Deborah Keane, David Coddington, Bob Keller, Cory Keller, Kevin O'Shea, Lisa Dahl, Teri White

Convention 2014 - Jacksonville, FL

PNS Delegates:  Suzanne Rychlik, Teri White, David Coddington, Lisa Vetterlein, Bob Keller, John Skroch, Deborah Keane, Tanner Martinez, Colleen Buchanan

Convention 2013 - Garden Grove, CA 

PNS Delegates:  Deborah Keane, Dave Coddington, Lisa Vetterlein, Teri White, Linda Vicik, John Skroch, Colleen Buchanan, Steve Sholdra (national committee)

Convention 2012 - Greensboro, NC 

PNS Delegates:  Deborah Keane, Teri White, Dave Withrow, John Skroch, Trever Gray, Colleen Buchanan (national committee), Steve Sholdra (national committee) and Anna Keane

Convention 2011 - Jacksonville, FL

PNS Delegates:  Deborah Keane, Teri White, Dane Wolfrom, Bob Keller, Steve Sholdra and Colleen Buchanan

Convention 2010 - Dallas, TX

PNS Delegates:  Deborah Keane, Rick Cox, Teri White, John Walker, Adam Martinez, Steve Sholdra and Colleen Buchanan

Convention 2009 – Chicago, IL

PNS Delegates: Bruce Richards, Kevin Fraley, Kiko Van Zandt, Teri White, Steve Sholdra and Sammi Simas

Convention 2008 – Atlanta, GA

PNS Delegates: David Coddington, Suzanne Rychlik, Deborah Keane, Bruce Richards, Sean Hutchison, Rick Cox and Jenna Beeler

Convention 2007 – Orange Grove, CA

PNS Delegates:  Scott Haase, Bruce Richards, Deb Keane, Bret Foreman, Blythe Murray, Terry White and Kiko VanZandt

Supporting Data:  Shoulder Stretching, Backstroke Technique

Convention 2006 – Detroit, MI

PNS Delegates:  Ken Breiding, David Coddington, Andy Hathaway, Blythe Murray

Convention 2005 – Greensboro, NC

PNS Delegates:  Lyle Campbell, Scott Haase, Sean Hutchison, Ash Milad, Trent Staley, Dave Coddington, Ken Breiding and Kiko Van Zandt