SEASON ONE - Form must be received in the PNS Office by Jan 31, 2024

*Season 1 (athlete/coach) Reimbursement funding will be divided by number of athletes

  • 2023 Toyota US Open*  

    • Greensboro, NC- Nov. 29-Dec. 2,2023 

  • 2023 Speedo Winter Junior Championships* 

    • Westmont, IL -  Dec. 6-9, 2023

    • Columbus, OH- Dec. 6-9, 2023

  • 2023 US Paralympics National Championships

    •  Orlando, FL - December 15-17, 2023


SEASON TWO - Form for TYR Pro Series and Para Swimming World Swimming Series WILL BE posted at a later date with deadline as per policy 97-05 of May 31, 2024. 

  • TYR Pro Series: 

                January 10-13 , Knoxville, TN

                  March 3-6, Westmont, IL

                  April 10-13, San Antonio, TX

Approved LC Meet (Approved Long Course Invitational Meet***with PNS National Development Travel Fund Time Standards.***Request for approval must be submitted at least 90 days before the first day of the meet or funding will not be available for that meet.  Request for approval to [email protected])

  • Para Swimming World Swimming Series - 


SEASON THREE – Form must be received in the PNS Office by August 31, 2024

  • 2024 Olympic Team Trials, Indianapolis, IN June 15-23

SEASON FOUR Form must be received in the PNS Office by August 31, 2024

  • 2024 Speedo Summer Championships, Irvine, CA  July 23-27

  • 2024 Futures Championships, July 24-28

                   Austin, TX

                   Huntsville, AL

                   Minneapolis, MN

                   Richmond, VA

                   Sacramento, CA​

*relay only swimmers @ 50%funding allocation Nationals and Junior Nationals

SEASON FIVE - Form must be received in the PNS Office by August 31, 2024

  • 2024 Open Water National Championships

​               May 3-5 Sarasota, FL 


*1.a.ii. Swimmers who represent and compete for a PNS team as a Relay-only swimmer at Nationals, U.S. Open, or Junior Nationals will receive 50% of allocation amount.

Print form which is linked to Season listings above, complete and submit to PN Office via mail or e-mail as listed on form.

To receive payment W-9 must be on file with Pacific Northwest Swimming.