2024 AG Long Course Championships

Dear Fellow PNS Officials,

Our youngest athletes have been working hard all spring and it will come down to this; the PNS U14 Long Course Championships.  This your chance to get peace of mind knowing you helped these swimmers achieve their goals for the season.  This is your chance to be on deck and get your steps in! We enthusiastically invite you to sign up to officiate this fun and exciting meet.

The PNS U14 LC Champs runs from Thursday July 25 through Saturday July 27, with no Sunday events at the Weyerhaeuser King County Aquatic Center.

Applications must be received by the Meet Referee no later than June 23, 2024, to be considered for an assigned position (Deck Referee, Starter, Chief Judge, Admin. Official). Officials will be notified by July 1, 2024, of their assigned position status. Applicant must be a member, in good standing, of USA Swimming and be a LSC certified official.

Applications for Stroke & Turn positions will be accepted at any time and walk-ins are always welcome.

Since this is a LSC Championship there will be no novice training sessions available.  (USA Swimming FAQ, revised 5/8/24)  

Here is the link to apply today:

Officials Meeting:
One hour before the start of competition.

Officials Uniform:
Prelims: White polo shirt, navy shorts, skirt, or pants and white, closed toe shoes with white socks
Finals: White polo shirt, navy long skirt, or long pants, and white, closed toe shoes with white socks (No shorts for finals) 

This meet also is an Officials Qualifying Meet (OQM) for N2 evaluations for all positions and N3 evaluations for stroke and turn officials.  To request an evaluation, fill out the appropriate section in the application to officiate.

Thank you for your time and we will see you at Champs!

Matthew Kahn
PNS U14 LC Champs Meet Referee

2024 Senior Long Course Championships

You are hereby invited to officiate at the 2024 PNS Senior Long Course Championships to be held at the Weyerhaeuser King County Aquatic Center in Federal Way, Washington.  The meet will be conducted over a four-day period, from Thursday July 18 to Sunday July 21, 2024.  Timed Finals will start at Noon Thursday for the 800 free and prelims starting at 9:00 AM Friday - Sunday, with Finals start times announced each day for the remainder of the meet.  A mandatory officials’ briefing will be held one hour prior to each session.  The dress is white shirt or blouse with navy pants, shorts or skirts, and white socks and shoes.  No shorts at finals.

Officials desiring an assigned position must submit their application no later than Monday, July 1, 2024.  Position preference will be given to those who agree to work all sessions.  Officials planning to attend that do not desire an assigned position are also welcome.  For help in planning, please fill out and submit the form below.

This meet has been designated as a training meet for N2 National Championship Officials Certification for all positions.  N3 Stroke and Turn will also be offered.  If you would like to receive an evaluation, please fill out the appropriate information in the form below.  Requests for evaluation for all assigned positions are due Monday July 1 and requests for Stroke and Turn are due on Monday July 8.  Stroke and Turn evaluations may be requested at the meet itself but are not guaranteed to be accepted.

For any questions regarding officiating or evaluations at this meet, please reach out the Meet Referee, Shawn Moon <[email protected]>.


Application to Officiate Link

PNS Annual Meeting of Officials - Wednesday, April 24 @ 7 pm

Recording has been posted to the Officials Resources page.  Thank you to everyone who participated!


OTS Updates

Excerpt from the most recent USAS email:

  1. Officials Tracking System
    1. Certification requests and approval in progress
    2. Dynamic Evaluation forms are live
      1. There is a pill in OTS Meets for NOC members to add Evaluators and assign Evaluations within a meet
      2. Old Evaluation data has been migrated
      3. Evaluation Report is live
      4. Main menu item called “My OTS Evaluations” where Mentors can complete evaluations for 21 days following a competition. Evaluation forms are dynamically populated and stored based on Position and Evaluation level.
    3. National Evaluators
      1. NOC can now assign National Evaluators in the main menu item called “National Evaluators”
    4. Meet Referees can now link a meet from “My OTS Meets”
    5. Meet Referees/LSC Official Chairs can now add a new person to a meet called “OTS Session Assistant.” This person will receive the same permissions as the Meet Referee and can assist with adding sessions. This is done on a new pill called “Staff” within an OTS meet.
    6. Meet Official Roles have been split from Certification Positions which allows LSCs to add roles like Clerk of Course, Scoring Personnel, Timing Operator, Evaluator, and Meet Personnel.
    7. When adding an Official to a meet, the Apprentice slider now defaults to No.
    8. Officials Search now includes an “Is Current” slider to restrict the return to only currently registered officials.
    9. Expired Officials can now see “My Official History.”
    10. LSC Bulk Recertification
      1. Annual Session counts are now showing in the bulk recertification grid
      2. LSCs can now recertify Officials
      3. We have added a To Date filter in addition to the From Date filter.
    11. Officials can now see historical evaluations in their “My Official History”.
    12. Officials can now see a detailed report of their Official History including certifications, registration requirements, courses, and meet session history.
    13. LSC Official chairs can now see a detailed report of their Official’s History including certifications, registration requirements, courses, and meet session history. They can filter by registration dates and clubs.
    14. Bug was fixed with the wrong email address was showing if someone switched from Officials Search to My Official History
    15. Final data migration
      1. Expired all MP, TI, AR Certifications to 12/31/2023
      2. For Officials with an AR and no AO, we expired the AR and created a new AO record effective 1/1/2024
      3. For Officials with duplicate AO certifications, we expired the non-AO record (MP, TI, CO) and kept the AO certification. If the Official didn’t have an AO record, we created one effective 1/1/2024.
      4. For people with an MR and DR certification, we expired the MR and kept the DR.
      5. For people that had MR and no DR, we expired the MR and created a new Referee record effective 1/1/2024.
    16. An NOC member can now see LSC Bulk Recertification views

Credential updates

USA Swimming is in the process of re-aligning LSC certifications (AO/ST/SR/CJ/DR) with their new standards.  The meet referee position is being eliminated and will be converted to DR, which implies that anyone with DR credentials can run a meet.  Administrative referee positions will be converted to AO.  If you notice any anomalies with your credentials or end up with an LSC certification that has a 1/1/2024 date, please let us know.  [email protected]

Updates for referees running meets

You no longer have to search for a meet you're running to add sessions.

In addition, you can check current credentials for officials added to the meet via the meet reporting capability.

  • See the "Ots Meet Participation Certifications" report when viewing your meet.

And you can assign someone to enter OTS sessions for you.