Melissa Stiner
PNS Teams,

Another update from the Program Operations Team.  We have reached some decision points for a couple of the upcoming meets and are tweaking and changing things to ensure that we are providing the meets for the LSC’s athletes.  


December Divisionals - 

We didn’t get enough hosts to run this meet in the typical fashion.  Fortunately, we are able to use KCAC that weekend and run a 3 site Divisional Meet.  This year we will be running a site out of Curtis Pool (hosted by Metro), Snohomish Aquatic Center (hosted by SRST), and KCAC (hosted by OCA).  We will be working on alignments for this meet in the coming weeks and will be sending out an update so teams know which site they are attending.  Alignments will be done by October 15th. 


Winter Challenge - 

Unfortunately we didn’t have enough teams to host for this meet weekend.  So we will be opening up that weekend and running January similar to what we have done for October.  One note to teams hosting, I would encourage setting your meets up as open but with a clear entry start date, so you can control timelines with a first come first serve system.  This should open up more meets for the whole LSC to attend.  


Age Group Regionals have a host.  Thank you to IST; VAST, and KING. 

Spring Showdown did not have enough hosts to run.  

Look for a survey early next week about Long Course 14 & under champs!   This is a great way to get your voice heard in the LSC. 


Any questions about these changes or upcoming meet plans please let me know.  


Chad Winkle 

Suzanne Rychlik