Registration for Springdarts opens HERE on Wednesday Feb. 7 at 7:00 am. Once you choose your group you will be promoted to sign/create a sports engine account. New families will need to create an account and returning families can sign into old accounts. 

If a class is full, we encourage you to sign up on the waitlist. We usually can add children from the waitlist.

We offer seasonal (8-12 week) programming for ages 6-14 each spring, fall and winter at Community Pool.  These programs are for swimmers who are new to competitive swimming, and wish to join a team. Practices and meets are encouraged but optional.  

  • Information on our Summerdart program can be found here.
  • Information on Dart Swim School can be found here




There are two spring options; 12 weeks (March 11-May 31) and 8 weeks (April 8-May 31). All practices are at Community Pool. 



All swimmers must meet minimum age/grade and swim requirements.  Swimmers who do not have these swim skill levels would be a better fit in Dart Swim School. You can find information on Dart Swim School here. If you wish for your child to do a brief swim evaluation to determine readiness for programs, contact [email protected]

DART DEVELOPMENT 1 (DD1):  Ages 6-9 new and intermediate swimmers

  •  Requirements: Must be able to comfortably swim 25 yards of freestyle with side breathing, 25 yards of backstroke, kick 25 yards of flutter kick, have knowledge of breaststroke and butterfly, and be comfortable in the deep pool without a coach in the water. Must be able to swim without holding the lane ropes or wall. Swimmers not meeting these standards comfortably would fit better in Dart Swim School Pre-Team.  

DART DEVELOPMENT 2 (DD2): Ages 10-12 new and intermediate swimmers

  •  Requirements: Must be able to swim 50 yards of freestyle with side breathing, 50 yards of backstroke, kick 50 yards of flutter kick, and knowledge of breaststroke and butterfly. 

DART DEVELOPMENT 3 (DD3): Ages 13-14 new and intermediate swimmers. 

  •  Requirements:  Swimmers be able to swim 100 yards of freestyle with side breathing, 100 yards of kicking, backstroke, and breaststroke, and 50 yards of butterfly. 

All practices will be in the afternoons at Community.  Practice options are below.  We also have programming for experienced and advanced 11-teens; contact [email protected] for more information. 





DD 1 and  DD 2

Ages 6-12

3:15-4:05 pm

MTWTF. Swimmers can swim 3 days per week (pick any 2 days M-TH, 3rd day is Fr) You do not need to notify us of days you are choosing.

DD 1 and  DD 2

Ages 6-12

4:10-5:00 pm

MTWTF. Swimmers can swim 3 days per week (pick any 2 days M-TH, 3rd day is Fr) You do not need to notify us of days you are choosing. DD 3 is by coach invitation only.

DD 3

5:00-6:15 pm

MTWTF. Swimmers can swim 4 days per week (pick any 3 days M-TH, 4th day is Fr) You do not need to notify us of days you are choosing.




There are several meet options in spring. All meets are encouraged but not required. 

  • FRIDAY FUN MEETS, which are optional low-key fun meets, will be offered from 4-6 pm on 3 Friday afternoons in April and May. There are no fees for these meets, and these are open to all Springdarts. Tentative dates are April 22, May 3, and May 17.
  • DAVIS USA SWIM MEET: Aquadarts hosts an annual spring meet at Community Pool on May 4-5. Springdart swimmers are welcome to attend. It is a meet you must register and pay for in advance; more info will be sent out in April.
  • DAVIS OLYMPICS: Held at Community Pool on Friday, May 31.  This is the annual fun team Olympics to finish off the spring season, followed by a pool/pizza/popsicle party. Swimmers must register on the website the week prior and pay a fee of $15. 



  • Dive and Turn Clinics will be held at practices on Fridays when we don’t have Friday Fun meets. These are held at regular practice times, and are followed by Friday Fun Day games and water activities.
  • There is no practice on Monday May 27 (Memorial Day) and Tuesday May 28 (team photo day); all Springdarts are encouraged to join in photo day.  
  • A New Parent Information Meeting will be held on Thursday, April 13 from 7:30-8:30 pm via Zoom. We have found this meeting to be very helpful for all new and returning swimming families and hope all parents will be able to attend. 



  • DD1, DD2: $370
  • DD3: $390

There is a 3rd child discount for all families (same household) with 3 or more children; the cost is half of the regular fee for the third and any subsequent children. You must pay the full amount for all children when applying; we will refund you the difference after registration.  The discount is applied to the swimmer with the lowest fees. 

Once you have registered, no refunds will be made without a medical excuse, a doctor’s note and the coach’s permission. There is a non-refundable fee of $50.00 per swimmer should a refund be granted.  Enrollment is nontransferable and cannot be prorated based on vacations or partial attendance.  Refunds are not granted for swimmers not receiving desired swim practice time. We do not offer makeup sessions for illness or vacation. 


If your family is new to Dart Swimming or did not swim in Fall 2023, there will be two additional fees:

  1. Annual fee of $50. We will bill your account for this. Swimmers will receive a Dart shirt and swim cap. 
  2. USA Swimming Annual mandatory registration and fee.  This is required of all swimmers in USA Swimming. We will send information on how to register and pay for this after you register.  12 under swimmers register for Flex membership $30; all swimmers 13 and up must do Premium membership for $95.

Questions?  Please contact Dart Director of Seasonal Programming Carolee Gregg at [email protected] or Dart Team COO Jamie Kiarie at [email protected].