All of our swimmers directly represent the SSSSC when at practice and at meets. It is expected that all swimmers conduct themselves in a manner that will ensure that the club is portrayed in a positive light.

**see SSSSC Code of Conduct and Ethics Policy for full details


When Training:

1) Obey all pool regulations as well as the lifeguards.

2) Be on deck at least 10 minutes prior to the start of your training session.

3) Report to the coach whenever you’re late, or if you need to leave early.

4) Do not enter the water until so directed by the coach for safety reasons.

5) Attend all scheduled workouts on a regular basis.


When Travelling:

1) Behave in a polite manner when using public facilities or when dealing with others.

2) Be responsible for the condition of your motel/hotel rooms. Leave the room in the same condition that you found it in.

3) Be respectful and appreciative of the efforts of parents who volunteer their time to make your meet a successful one.

4) All swimmers are prohibited from having illegal substances on their person or premises.


When At Meets:

1) Swimmers are to report to their coaches 15 minutes prior to their warm-ups.

2) All swimmers are to remain in the designated club area within sight of their coach.

3) Swimmers MUST wear team colours on deck and when competing.

4) The decision of the meet officials is final; only coaches will protest.

5) Always be supportive of your teammates.

6) Look after your personal belongings and ensure that your name is clearly marked on your equipment.

7) Swimmers may NEVER leave the deck without the direct permission of their designated coach.

8) Always strive to leave a good impression. You represent the SSSSC!


Should a swimmer seriously violate any of the above or behave in a fashion which discredits the SSSSC, the swimmer will be sent home immediately at the direct cost to the respective family.