Swim Fees






Swim Alberta Fees




  Annual Monthly

10 & under

 11 & over

Platinum $1700 $212.50 N/A $198.50-$199.50 $30
Gold $1300 $162.50 N/A $198.50-$199.50 $30
Sterling $1080 $135 $179.50-$180.50 $198.50-$199.50 $30
Silver $980 $122.50 $179.50-$180.50 $198.50-$199.50 $30
Bronze $880 $110 $179.50-$180.50 $198.50-$199.50 $30
Masters $900 $112.50 N/A $44 $30
Sport4Life $850 $106.25 $31.25 $31.25 $30
Minnows $140/session N/A $31.25 N/A N/A

*Note that Program Fees cover regular swim season which is October until May. Athletes swimming after June 2nd, 2024 may be assessed additional fees.


Withdrawal Policy

Swim season is October to May.

Thirty (30) days written notice must be provided prior to January 31st of a given swim year for a swimmer to withdraw from SSSSC and halt monthly fees.

Please note we allow only one withdrawal per swim season to ensure continued success for our swim club.  Membership to SSSSC has responsibilities (pool rental, coaches, etc) and we require committed athletes and parents who are actively engaged in the volunteer and fundraising requirements for the entire season.

For monthly payment haltage to be considered, written notice of the intent to withdraw must be submitted on or before January 1st. Written notice must be provided to the SSSSC Registrar and Head Coach.

Swim Alberta Fees and Member Fees are not refundable. 

There will be no stoppage of program fees after January 31st of each swim year. **NO EXCEPTIONS**



All declined credit card payments by the bank will be subject to a $20.00 administration fee. Please refer to SSSSC Member Payment Management Policy for full details.